Clemson 36 B.C. 14 Quoteboard

CLEMSON - Saturday had all the makings to be another one of those big-time performances by Tajh Boyd.

Before a hip injury sidelined him in the third quarter of the 36-14 win over Boston College, Boyd had completed 16 of 26 passes for 283 yards and a touchdown. He'd also rushed six times for 37 yards and a score.

Clemson was threatening at the Boston College 3-yardline when the wind was taken out of Death Valley.

"I thought he was going to have a career night," said Tiger offensive coordinator Chad Morris. "He was on track. He was feeling it. He was excited, on the sideline, communicating on the sidelines with us. I know he was in a lot of pain, real sore...he's such a great kid and a great competitor. He'll be back."

Here comes another freshman...
"We were all worried about Tajh. Tajh is like a family member to all of us. When somebody goes down, a family member goes down. We're all worried for that person, but we know we have good depth on this team, so we have other people that can step in and do something good." - Cole Stoudt

"Nobody didn't hang their head low, because Cole gets the same reps as Tajh in practice. They both switch back and forth. I was mad, because [Boyd] was down. But, at the same time, you've got to let that go. Cole came in and actually did a great job." - Watkins

"I saw that Tajh was injured and I wasn't sure what was wrong, at the time. I just knew I had to step up and do my part. The coaches just told me to relax and have fun. They told me to maintain ball security and stay focused." - Stoudt

"I felt like, we're a team. Cole can come in and do the same thing Tajh can do. He's a freshman, but he gets the same reps we do, also." - Watkins

"Stoudt is a very poised young guy. We were impressed with him in the spring and he had a good camp. We're real proud of him." - Dabo Swinney

"I was just doing what I was coached to do. If there was a situation where I had to go in and be the guy, that's what I had to do." - Stoudt

"I feel like I did what I needed to do. Starting at practice next week, I'll have to go back and see what I did wrong this week, fix the little details that I need to improve on." - Stoudt

Goodman with a hot start...
"I felt really comfortable out there. I knew I had to play my part and stay focused. As a team, we're playing one game at a time, but I'm getting more comfortable as I go along." - Malliciah Goodman

"He made some good plays, did a good job. He hurt his ankle early in that game last week and played through the whole thing, never said anything to anybody about it. We knew it was hurt. It affected him a little bit. He was fresh legged and looked good today." - Kevin Steele

"Malliciah is an amazing player. I told him, I think after the first series, that I was getting double teamed and triple teamed. He knew, from then on, they were going to single block him. It's hard to single block either one of us, so pretty much once they did that, he showed it." - Andre Branch

"After they saw Malliciah was a great player -- I guess they didn't know that, but they found out. They didn't know who to pick on." - Branch

Watkins, Sammy: 7 catches, 152 yards...
"I just come out there and play every game, listen to the coaches and listen to what plays they call. I just play every game like it's a championship. Just go out there and work hard, leave everything out there on the field. That's all I do." - Watkins

"That's DNA, right there [the 62-yard catch]. That's what I said on the headset. I said, 'Wow, that's just recruiting. Our guy is better than their guy.'" - Swinney

Bellamy out for the first half...
"Team discipline. I wish we could have had him available in the first half. We've got a team here. We hold these guys accountable. I thought he came in the second half and really sparked us. He's a guy we're going to continue to build around and let him mature, as a player. He's got to do his part." - Swinney

"However you want to say it -- team discipline. He's all right. He was the biggest cheerleader on the sidelines in the first half. That was good to see." - Morris Top Stories