Sunday teleconference news, notes

Dabo Swinney gives the latest on Tajh Boyd, wraps up the Boston College win and looks ahead to this weekend's road trip to College Park.

The following is an edited transcript of Sunday night's teleconference.

Opening statement...
It was a really good football game, just watching it on film. It's probably the closest we've played to our potential all year. I'm really pleased with the things that we did in all phases. Special teams was very solid. Obviously, making the field goals were critical, when we needed them.

Defensively, 11 possessions, five punts, two touchdowns, two fourth-down stops, five three-and-outs, three sacks, 10 pressures, 258 yards. It doesn't get much better than that. The disappointing thing, we had a couple of times where we didn't fit properly and then we missed a couple of tackles and they get touchdowns off those missed tackles. That was disappointing.

Tajh Boyd's status for Saturday's game at Maryland is "definitely probable," according to Swinney.
Really, really played well up front. Our defensive tackles and defensive ends were outstanding. Malliciah Goodman was just tremendous. They were doing some chipping with the back on [Andre] Branch's side. Malliciah just really took advantage of his opportunities. It was good to see [Goodman] play as well as they did.

I thought our linebackers, we played a lot of guys, first of all, but, Tig Willard just continues. He's just all over the field. He quietly does his job.

In the secondary, played very solid. Coty Sensabaugh, [Xavier] Brewer, Rashard [Hall], [Jonathan] Meeks and Carlton Lewis came in and played well. Darius [Robinson] and [Bashaud] Breeland] and we're getting a little bit more out of [Martin] Jenkins each week. I really like what we're seeing out of him. He's starting to play a little more confident.

Overall, just a good, solid day. Brandon Thompson and Rennie [Moore] inside continue to be difficult to handle.

Offensively, 500 yards, we lost 42 yards, because we had a couple of sacks and then we had some of the runs. I thought we were very, very close to putting it all together on the offensive side. It was good to see us run the ball against those guys. We have not been able to do a great job with that. We had three touchdowns and really should have had two more. We dropped one touchdown and should have had one right before the half. We just have to execute properly. Offensive line, I thought, played outstanding. I mean, really, really well.

"We're very fortunate and thankful that it looks like he's going to be fine. I would say he's definitely probable for this game."

On Tajh Boyd...
Tajh is doing very well today. To be honest with you, he was a little more sore in his right thigh. He had a little bruise there, than his hip. We're very fortunate and thankful that it looks like he's going to be fine. I would say he's definitely probable for this game. We just talked to the trainers this morning. Looks like he might be full speed and ready to go in practice. We might limit him [Monday] but cut him loose Tuesday.

He didn't get hit in his knee at all. I was kind of mad at him, the way he fell, a lot of people thought it was his knee, because of the way he bent. Becasue his knee was bent, it protected him. He didn't have a hip pad on. I was kind of frustrated about that. The guy had his helmet and really drove his helmet down...I think he might have still hurt him. But, if he had that hip pad in, it might have protected him a little bit better.

Why wasn't he wearing a hip pad? Is that player preference?
That's not player preference [not wearing the hip pad]. I forgot to go and inspect everybody before the game.

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