Will C.J. Gaddis be Drafted?

As if you didn't have enough to worry about, CUTigers.com has learned that another Clemson recruit could face a difficult decision in the coming weeks. Is it true? Could C.J. Gaddis be drafted to play Major League Baseball? We've got the full scoop inside!

C.J. Gaddis was undoubtedly one of the top prospects signed by head coach Tommy Bowden and the Clemson Tigers this past spring and now it appears that his arrival in Clemson could be in jeopardy.

Is it true, could C.J. Gaddis leave the Tigers to play Major League Baseball?

"Right now, they are telling me that I could be drafted anywhere from the 2nd through the 5th round," Gaddis said Tuesday evening. "I had a great year this past season, even though my team didn't, so it definitely gave me something to think about."

"But football is still my priority, I'm still a Tiger and I'll be there this fall," Gaddis said emphatically. "There's really no more doubt about that, I've talked with Coach O'Cain and Coach Bowden about it and they've both been really supportive."

C.J. said that he has already told several major league clubs, including the Seattle Mariners, the San Diego Padres, and the Kansas City Royals (imagine that) that football is where his heart is.

"I've told them I want to play football, so I'm sure I'll fall a lot further in the draft even though they all really like my athleticism for a baseball player. I'm fine with that. I thought about long and hard a few weeks ago, but like I said before, I know now that I want to play football."

Gaddis has been busy going through conditioning drills and workout sessions set forth by the Clemson coaches this spring, and so far, everything seems to be going well for the North Carolina native.

"Those workouts they expect you to do before you get there are tough. I mean, with the number of reps and the weight they want you to be able to lift, it's really tough."

Gaddis added that he wished Willie Simmons would have stayed for his senior year just so he would have the opportunity to learn from him, but now that he's gone, he also realizes that he may avoid a redshirt season this fall.

"Honestly, I really think I'm going to avoid a redshirt. Just call it a hunch, but I really think that's what's going to happen. My confidence level is at an all-time high right now and I think I can play early. Charlie is the starting quarterback, I know that, but something tells me I won't redshirt this fall."

It also appears like Gaddis has made a few close friends on the team already, namely wide receiver Kelvin Grant.

"Yeah, we talk on instant messenger a lot, it's pretty cool. We are always joking around," Gaddis said.

Gaddis is set for his graduation later this week, and then he'll head down to Clemson in the early part of the summer to check out what's going on in Tiger Town.

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