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COLLEGE PARK, Md - The Clemson offense may have stolen the show, but it was an interception from Bashaud Breeland that helped push things in the right direction.

As Clemson trailed 35-17 with 12:06 left in the third quarter, the Tigers' redshirt freshman returned a C.J Brown interception 29 yards to the Maryland 15 and setup a Tajh Boyd touchdown pass.

Boyd's 13-yard strike to Sammy Watkins initiated a 39-10 Clemson run, to close the game.

"Momentum shifted for us," Boyd said of Breeland's interception. "We came out, previously went three-and-out. He made a play.

"That's the thing, as a team, guys have got to make plays."

Defensive coordinator Kevin Steele noted that one, in particular.

"That was a momentum changer, in terms of it rejuvenated things on the sideline and the offense went and stuck it in," he said.

The interception was the first of Breeland's career.

"It was a good spark, but the team, we still play hard no matter what. If we wouldn't have gotten that, the outcome still would have been the same," he said.

Don't call it a comeback...
"Good teams, great teams find a way to win. How many times last year did you see it with Auburn? They find ways to come back and they find ways to win. We did that." - Chad Morris

"It was just one of those deals, we've got to keep working and keep pushing, things are going to work out." - Boyd

Not a pretty sight...
"It was a poor coaching job by me. It's on me. I'll take full responsibility for it, and I'll get it fixed. The good thing about it, it didn't cost us the game. We won." - Steele

"Occasionally, you've got one that looks so ugly, you don't want to remember it, but you've got to remember, because, if you don't go study it and get better, it'll bite you again." - Steele

Boyd bounces back...
"He, obviously, did not play well in the first quarter, for whatever reason. I asked him if he ate something bad for breakfast. I don't know. He hit 11 of his last 12 [passes], when it was crunch time." - Swinney

"The offense kind of goes how I go, to a certain extent. I really didn't want to be in a funk too long. I felt like it was too long in the first quarter. I just had to get myself together." - Boyd

C.J. Brown...
"We had some problems with their quarterback. He was something else. He looked like Michael Vick running around out there, a few times." - Swinney

"That's on me. It's my responsibility. The [No.] 16, their quarterback, added a new dimension to it. We didn't have a lot of video evidence of some of the stuff we saw. The guys got frustrated and we tried to help them." - Steele

Career-best 212 yards for No. 23...
"We were just looking for that breakout game, a great game rushing the ball. We're capable of it each and every game, just haven't quite executed like we want to. Tonight, we were able to do that." - Andre Ellington

"We felt like we wanted to run the football and needed to run the football. We challenged our offensive line, challenged Andre. He started the game well and finished the game well. We definitely ran the football well." - Morris

Watkins' kickoff return for 6...
"We needed a spark in the return game. We were over due, whether it was punt return or kick return, we needed a spark...it was well blocked. The one that Sammy took, I don't know if anybody touched him." - Swinney

"I just told them boys, 'Just block one time and give me a crease.' That's what they did." - Watkins

"Jaron Brown just called it...them boys said, 'What do you want?' I said, 'Just do your job. I'm going to do mine.' That's what happened." - Watkins

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