Clemson's chemistry working well

CLEMSON - Senior defensive tackle Rennie Moore talks 1-on-1 with CUTigers about the North Carolina game.

Rennie Moore has been around college football long enough to have seen it all.

He's been to the ACC Championship game and experienced the highs and lows of Clemson's first losing season in 12 years, too.

Now as a key player among Clemson's front-four, he's the leader many are looking to on the Tigers' defense when adversity strikes.

CUTigers caught up with Moore earlier this week to get his thoughts on what went wrong against Maryland, and how to correct it this weekend against ACC-rival North Carolina:

How do you explain the team's performance this week against Maryland?
Moore: I don't really know how to explain it. It was what it was, y'all saw it on TV. It wasn't the prettiest thing, but we got the job done.

Was it just a case of you guys not seeing a whole lot of C.J. Brown on film, and not knowing what this offense was going to do coming in because of the unknown at quarterback?
Moore: He is just a flat-out good player. They had our number. They knew what they were doing, and they executed. He made plays. Good players make plays.

You still won the game, that's the good news. But what's it been like being around Kevin Steele this week?
Moore: He's the head dude, he's the head leader of the defense. And like I said, all together we're a unit and we didn't play as good as we should have. We're going back to work this week, and I know Kevin Steele will have a plan ready.

You're 7-0, and it's the first time you've been undefeated this far along in your career. What's that feel like?
Moore: It feels great, but it ain't over. There's more work to come, so let's just get back to work.

You have North Carolina coming in this week, and they seem to be more conventional on offense than some of the other teams you've seen this year. What does that mean for you?
Moore: It means player technique. They have an NFL style offense with really good players. You have to respect the talent that they have. You do the job that Coach Steele assigns you, and we'll be okay.

You've played 7 straight weeks, no bye weeks. You guys have had some long road trips the past couple of weeks as well, and you haven't gotten a lot of rest. Are you guys tired at this point?
Moore: You can't get tired. There's no way you can tired. You're too close. You're doing something that hasn't been done in a long time. That Maryland game took a lot out of us, but I know we are going to rejuvenate this week and get ready. We're 7 and 0, you gotta love it.

What's the talk right now in the locker room? Do you guys mention the possibility of going undefeated and wining the ACC or is it just one game at a time?
Moore: Oh, you've got to mention it. We talk amongst each other because we know we've got the talent, smarts, and culture. We've got the right unit to do it, and if there's any time to do it, it's now with the team we have. I feel like we are going to step up this week and get it right, and play a great game.

Taking with you and guys like yourself, there seems to be more team chemistry this year. You guys seem to genuinely care about what's happening and care about one another. Can you speak to that and how that impacts this team in close games?
Moore: The love we share is deep in the locker room. It's good to know that you care about the man beside you and the man you're playing with because it makes everybody want to do better. It results in practice, and how you practice is how you play. Top Stories