Q&A with OL L.J. Anderson

Offensive line coach Ron West and the Clemson Tigers will be looking to add a few big bodies in 2004, and today, we talked with one of the biggest in Sumter's L.J. Anderson. Anderson talks about which in-state school he favors, and which team leads overall for his services in this extensive Q&A session.

OL L.J. Anderson
6-3, 303, 5.4
Sumter High School
Sumter, South Carolina

L.J. Anderson is one of several Division I-A linemen emerging in the Palmetto state this year. The rising senior has only played organized football for about a year, but he already has schools from all across the country beating down his door.

CUTigers.com had the opportunity to speak with L.J. Wednesday afternoon to get his take on the recruiting process, and his senior season at Sumter High School.

What schools would you say are in your top 5 right now?
Anderson: Right now I'd say that Notre Dame, Maryland, Clemson, Florida, and Tennessee are some of my top schools. I'm getting letters from all around the country though.

Is Notre Dame still your top school?
Anderson: Yeah. I think they offer the total package. After that it's probably Clemson and then Maryland. I've always liked Clemson over Carolina, so we'll see what happens.

Which coaches are recruiting you from Clemson and South Carolina?
Anderson: I can't tell you the name from the one from South Carolina, I've just been getting mostly letters from them. From Clemson, I know I've talked to Coach Sweeney. We've talked and Clemson has been recruiting me a lot harder than Carolina up to this point.

Which camps are you planning on attending this summer?
Anderson: Right now, it looks like it's going to be Clemson and Maryland. Those are the only two I have set up at this point.

What about positions, are you playing as a guard or a tackle right now?
Anderson: I can play either one, but next year I'll be lining up as a guard. I'm pretty versatile, but I think in college I'll end up playing as a guard.

What's going to be the most important thing to you in deciding on a school?
Anderson: The total package really. I want a good education as well as a good football program. It really just depends on where I fit in the best.

What about strengths and weaknesses?
Anderson: I'd say my footwork is my biggest strength right now. I like to pull, and the coaches say I do a good job of doing that. As far as weaknesses go, I'd say that I need to get that "I'm going to eat you alive" mentality a little more on every play. I've only been playing football really for the last year or so, so experience could be a factor too.

Is location important to you, do you want to stay instate?
Anderson: It's not that important obviously if I'm thinking about Notre Dame. The big thing is the stability in the coaching staff and getting a good education.

What makes Notre Dame such an attractive school to you at this point in the game?
Anderson: They definitely have the total package I'm looking for. I could go there and get a great education and their football program is on the rise again. It's just one of those things, but we'll see what happens.

What are you thinking about majoring in at this point?
Anderson: I was thinking about Communications, but my GPA is so high (3.7+) that I'm thinking more now about engineering. Chemical engineering could be a good fit for me. I know Clemson has a really good engineering school, so that could possibly work to their advantage.

How's your team going to look this year?
Anderson: We've pretty much got everybody coming back from a team that made it to the second round last year, so I'd say we should be in good shape. I think a lot of people are talking about us making the state championship game. We should be pretty good.

L.J. made it crystal clear that he favors Clemson over South Carolina. "I've always been a big Clemson fan," he said during our interview. However, Notre Dame is his leader at this point in the recruiting process. The Irish have showed reasonable interest here, but don't be surprised if Anderson gives strong consideration to both the Tigers and the Maryland Terrapins before this deal is done.

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