What can Brown do for you?

Josh Brown, the newest member of Clemson's 2012 commitment class, talks in detail about his pledge to the Tigers.

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Monday evening, shortly after Dabo Swinney finished his weekly call-in show, the Tigers received their 20th verbal commitment for their 2012 recruiting class in South Aiken defensive tackle Josh Brown.

While Brown may not be as well known as other prospects already on board Clemson's 2012 class, he has the frame to grow into a solid contributor at the collegiate level and the work ethic to be a future star.

When the Clemson coaching staff extended a scholarship offer the same day as the season opener against Troy, there was wide speculation Brown would end up in Tigertown, and sure enough, those thoughts proved accurate.

CUTigers caught up with Brown shortly after he made his commitment public:

What made you want to commit Monday night?
Brown: I just wanted to get things out of the way. It felt kind of right doing that. Clemson's been there when nobody else was there for me. People just know about Clemson. Clemson's right there, two hours away from where I live. It makes sense. My teammates, my coaches, my family can come see me. I talked to coach Dabo Swinney how I feel about the school and he told me how he felt about me and what he sees in the future, how I could be one of the best if I come up there and work hard.

I plan, whenever I sign, I plan on just giving it everything I've got. First things first, I get an education. I'm not looking for a starting spot. I'm not looking for hand outs. I'm going to earn my spot, and I plan on earning it.

How did you go about making the commitment?
Brown: I called coach [Dan] Brooks and coach [Charlie] Harbison, then I had to wait for two hours, because coach Swinney was on the radio show. He called me at my house and we talked about stuff, and I just told him I'm committing.

So you told coach Brooks and coach Harbison that you were committing?
Brown: Yes. They were happy. Coach Brooks was ready to get me for this upcoming season. He was happy. He's one of the best defensive line coaches in the nation. I know I'm going to be coached well. I'm going to learn more about defensive linemen, my responsibility. I'm looking forward to that.

Clemson also received a verbal commitment Friday night from another defensive tackle in four-star standout Carlos Watkins. (Hale McGranahan)
Before, you said you wanted to wait to make your commitment. Were your teammates and coaches supportive of you making you commitment now?
Brown: I told a couple of my teammates that I was thinking about doing it after Friday night's game. When I committed, it was right then and there. I didn't plan on doing this. It just kind of happened. In my heart, it was like, you know what? It's coming. At the end of the day, it made sense. It felt right. I felt comfortable at Clemson University. I felt comfortable with the people there, the family tradition. It's just an all-around fit. Every player has a certain feeling about a college. This one, I had every single feeling for.

Michael Dean Perry, who actually graduated from my school, went to Clemson. William Perry, he went to Clemson, too. He went to Aiken High, which is 10 minutes away. It came back to tradition and history with my school. Michael Dean Perry being the first player from South Aiken High School to go to a division one school, and that was Clemson. I see myself in that category. I see myself repeating history.

Do you know the other two Aiken area guys committed to Clemson, Cordrea Tankersley and Marty Williams?
Brown: I saw Tankersley at the first Clemson game. We didn't really talk that much. We shook hands and said what's up. I told him good luck this season. Marty Williams, I've never talked to him, but I've seen him in the newspaper. That kid, he's a team leader. I can't wait to meet him, talk to him, get to know him. He's a great player. He's an all-around, outstanding player. He's going to make an impact at Clemson.

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