Friday Clemson Football Notebook

CLEMSON - The grind continues. Seven weeks in the books, and still two to go.

Clemson has two more games left on the 2011 schedule before their bye week. Just don't ask Phillip Price if he's concerned about the timing of it.

He doesn't mind that they've already played seven games with no break. And it's not a problem that there are still two more left before the week off.

"I could care less when our bye week is. I don't care. I just don't care," Price said. "It'll happen. When it shows up, it shows up. Other than that, we've got games to play."

This week, it's North Carolina. Next, it's Georgia Tech.

No worries.

"That's the good thing about this team, we're even keeled. We don't get too high, we don't get too low," Price said.

REMEMBER CHAPEL HILL: Just over a year ago, Clemson suffered a frustrating loss at North Carolina, and started the season with another 2-3 record.

The Tar Heels controlled the final quarter, holding the ball for 13:15.

Rennie Moore remembers it all too well.

"That was the hardest part right there, they could run the ball on us," he said. "Anybody who can run the ball on you, it's going to be a field day for the offense."

North Carolina's duo of Giovani Bernard and Ryan Houston has combined to rush for 924 yards and 12 touchdowns this season.

"They've got skills. You can't play it off. [Bernard] is a real hard runner. They've still got Ryan Houston, that big back. Their o-line is very good," Moore said.

LEARNING FROM D.A.: Dwayne Allen was once a misguided freshmen, concerned only about his playing time, his touches and his production on Saturdays.

The redshirt junior tight end has offered his perspective to high-profile freshman running back Mike Bellamy, who's experiencing similar growing pains.

"I talk to all the younger guys and just let them know that their time is coming," Allen said. "They have to allow the game to come to them. Bellamy is a guy with a lot of talent, and is going to help us a lot down the road.

"He's got to understand his time is coming, and patience. That's the only thing I stress to him." Top Stories