AUDIO: Clemson 59 UNC 38

CLEMSON - The coordinators, DeAndre Hopkins, Kourtnei Brown and Tajh Boyd talk about Saturday's win over North Carolina.

Kevin Steele: (3:05)

Chad Morris: (4:27)

DeAndre Hopkins: (2:35)
On being compared to the '81 team
"Honestly some people might compare us to that team but I don't because we are a different team than them. I wasn't even born back then so I didn't have the chance to watch them but we don't want to just live up to them, we want to be better than them."

On the diverse offense and being unselfish
"You have to be very unselfish and Coach made a point of that coming into this season. There were a lot of highly recruited guys that weren't getting the playing time that they wanted but we are winning and so our success as a team is speaking for itself. I think the guys on this team realized, being selfish only hurts them."

Kourtnei Brown: (4:32)
Overall Thoughts
"I couldn't have asked for a better day. I was playing against my home team, I was a team captain, scored two touchdowns and to get the win; I couldn't ask for more."

On the pressure of being undefeated
"I don't think it's necessarily pressure but the intensity does go up with every win. Everybody wants it so badly and we are coming together as a team to do our job and win."

On his first interception
"When the quarterback went back I realized that the running back was going back to receive the pass. I was able to breakdown the play and make the interception."

Tajh Boyd: (4:42)
On the third quarter
"We were just given so many opportunities and were able to execute. I think that showed everyone what kind of offense we are capable of and the kind of team we can become."

On tying 2 records today
"I didn't know until after the game but those are the kinds of things that you try and do every week. It's not about breaking records, but playing hard every week. We have to prepare for each week and each game knowing there is an opportunity to win it but there is also an opportunity to lose it." Top Stories