Saturday Clemson Football Notebook

CLEMSON - There was a time not all that long ago when Brandon Thomas found himself in Dabo Swinney's doghouse.

But Thomas managed to crawl his way out and has been the starter at left guard every week since the Florida State game.

With 400 snaps under his belt this season, most of them at left guard, Thomas feels good about the situation he currently finds himself in.

"Confidence is the main thing. I'm getting a lot of confidence at that spot," he said. "I think I've sustained the spot. I should keep it. David [Smith] is a good backup, of course. He came in [against North Carolina] and played well."

Phillip Price's departure at the end of this season will once again open up at left tackle, a position many believed would be Thomas'. Listed as the backup on the current two-deep depth chart, Thomas is uncertain if he'll move over to tackle in 2012, or remain at guard.

"I can play both spots, tackle and guard," he said. "It's just up to the coaches."

THERE'S NO 'I' IN TEAM: Kourtnei Brown had one helluva good game against North Carolina last Saturday. An interception returned for touchdown and a fumble returned for a touchdown.

He received a different national award almost every day this week for his two touchdown performance.

Quickly, Brown had to turn the page. It's Georgia Tech week. Defending against the Yellow Jackets takes a total team effort.

"This is going to be a really big team game for us. Georgia Tech is a great team with great coaches, great players," Brown said. "Saturday, we're just going to have to do our assignment to the best of our ability."

Dive, quarterback, pitch-man -- the big three assignments when defending the triple option.

"We have to be consistent in what we do," Brown said. "We have options to where, sometimes, we have to take the running back, sometimes we have to take the quarterback, sometimes we have to take the fullback. There's a lot of different assignments that we have to do."

AN ODD LOOK: The Clemson offensive line hasn't seen any odd fronts from opposing defenses since the Wofford game.

"We weren't very successful then, but that was early on in the season," said Landon Walker. "We were kind of just getting a hold of this offense, kind of grasping it. I think the biggest thing there, we tried to change a lot of the things we did for Wofford, because they ran odd.

"I don't think we're going to do that this week. I think we're going to kind of stick to our guns, do what we've been successful at, the last six games, especially."

After all, the Clemson offense is 15th nationally with 482.5 yards per game.

Walker and the rest of the Tigers' offensive front has to be ready for anything this week.

"They try to keep you off guard with what they do. They try to do some different things, to kind of keep you guessing," he said. "They'll be in one front this time and the next time they'll be in an even front, or an odd front. You really never know what they're going to do. That's really the biggest thing they do, keep you on your toes." Top Stories