Tech 31 Clemson 17 Quoteboard

ATLANTA - Any hope for a BCS title shot was put to bed with Saturday's 31-17 loss to Georgia Tech.

But four of Clemson's goals are still on the table.

The ACC Atlantic Division championship.

The State championship.

The ACC championship.

A win in the Orange Bowl.

That was the message Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney sent to his team before they left Bobby Dodd Stadium.

"We didn't get it done, but let's don't lose sight of the big picture here," Swinney said. "This is a team that's right in the middle of the league, in our division. We've got to win this next game so we can clinch [the division].

"That's what I'm looking forward to. That's a big deal, a really big deal. To be able to do that two out of three years is a great opportunity for us to take another step as a program."

Untimely turnovers...
"We turned the ball over four times. I don't know if we turned the ball over four times all year long. Those things right there, I don't care who you play. You turn the football over that many times, it's going to be hard to win." - Chad Morris

"Turnovers get you beat, whether you play here, play at home, wherever you play." - Swinney

"We knew that we were going to have limited possessions, and we needed to take advantage of our possessions on the offensive side of the ball. And that's another thing that we didn't do tonight." - Dwayne Allen

"We did not do the things that we have done well all year, and that is taking care of the football. We had one of the best turnover margins in the country." - Swinney

Run, Run, Run, Run...
"In a nutshell, what it was, we just physically got whipped. We got out executed. From a defensive standpoint, we didn't play to our expectations and what we demand, what we believe that we can do as a defensive team -- too many big plays. Too many opportunities to get off the field, and we didn't take them." - Kevin Steele

"A lot of the things we saw, we knew what they play was. They just out-played us. We've just got to be disciplined." - Malliciah Goodman

"Obviously, the quarterback scramble, [they] worked that. They were scrambling to run, obviously. It wasn't a call. The receivers were blocking down field two or three times, on that play. It looked like it had been coached up. They did a great job with it." - Steele

"They're a well coached football team. We all know that. They lined up and physically whipped us." - Steele

Missed No. 23
"That's the hidden value that Ellington has, in the pass protection on the offensive side of the ball. We definitely did [miss him]." - Allen

"I think he's as good a player as there is in this league. I would say it's probably a big factor [that he was out]. You've got one of the best players in the conference that's not out there." - Swinney

"I think everybody saw the same thing I saw. It was huge not having Andre. I thought the young guys did a decent job, a good job in some areas...any time you lose a top tier running back like Andre, it's tough." - Morris

"He wasn't there, but you can't worry about that. You've got to play. The next guy's got to play. The next guy's got to do their job." - Swinney

Much needed rest...
"It's a great time to recharge. We have three more games to go, so we'll be ready for that." - Goodman

"It's at a great time. Give Andre Ellington some time to get healed. Give my toe some time to get healed. Give all the other guys with bumps and bruises that have been playing through them a lot of time to heal. It's a chance to get away from football for a couple of days, to refresh and to reboot." - Allen

"We've gone 12-straight weeks. The open date's come at a good time. We've got a lot of guys need to get well, mentally and physically. It's been a grind." - Swinney Top Stories