Clemson 31 Wake 28 Quoteboard

CLEMSON - Before the 2011 season, only nine times in Clemson history had the Tigers come back to win while facing a 14-point deficit.

That total has been added to three times this season.

With Wake Forest up 28-14 in the third quarter, Brandon Ford scored the first of two come from behind touchdowns.

He finished with three catches for 51 yards and a score in Clemson's 31-28 win over Wake Forest.

"We got up 14-7, and we really thought we had them there," Ford said. "You can never give up, because that team fought hard. All respect to them. They played like a champion.

"We got down 14 points and I told the guys, 'Just keep grinding.'"

Charlotte bound...
"To be able to come away with a win, of this magnitude, for this program, this is what you expect. I've been talking to our guys all week long. This should be the standard in Clemson. Everybody's excited, and should be. Great. This should be the standard. You come to Clemson, you come here to win a championship." - Chad Morris

"Words cannot describe what it means to build a team like this and go to an ACC Championship, but we have to keep grinding." - Landon Walker

"Not in the sense that I'm arrogant, but it's kind of what I expected...we expect to win games here, no matter what they are." - Tajh Boyd

Boyd's play...
"He'll get down on himself a little bit, but he's a young guy. He's played 10 games and he's learning. I'm proud of him. He may get down on himself, but he'll pick himself back up." - Morris

"In a sense, I'm disappointed with myself. In situations when that happens, you know you're better than that. You just make silly mistakes." - Boyd

Not converting the fourth quarter fourth-down...
"I'm sure y'all were all ready to write bad things about me after that. I was ready to write bad things about me, too. Hindsight is 20/20. I was going to punt the ball...I saw that measurement." - Dabo Swinney

"You've got to do those things. Coach had confidence enough to go do it. I backed it 100've got six inches, four inches, five inches to go, you've got to go get those, and we didn't get it. That was disappointing." - Morris

"They went out there and did it. Our job is to do what we did, do what we did." - Steele

"That was probably one of my most disappointing things about the game. Fourth-and-inches, we don't get it. That's inexcusable. You have to learn from it, build from it." - Boyd

One more chance for the offense, Chandler Catanzaro...
"I think, probably the biggest thing of that [final Wake Forest] drive, not just that it was three-and-out, but there was a huge turnover in field position with the sack." - Steele

"It was just a little payback. It comes back on you, no matter what happens. [Tanner Price] was doing his thing -- quick passes, hitting his throws, getting out of troubled situations. Then, he just had nowhere to go. I just made the play happen." - Rennie Moore Top Stories