Clemson's a contender for Marshall

Clemson got Keith Marshall on their campus for the first time in a year and it paid off. The Tigers are in the race for the number one running back in the country.

"This was my third time visiting Clemson and the last time I was there was when they played Georgia Tech last year," said Keith Marshall.

"This visit was great and they showed me a lot. After this visit, I can say that Clemson is definitely up there with the other schools. I saw a lot of things I liked."

When Marshall says "other schools", he is talking about Florida, Georgia, and Notre Dame, the schools he has visited officially previously.

North Carolina and South Carolina are still in the mix as well for the running back out of Raleigh (NC) Millbrook.

The Tigers may have entered the race a little later than the other schools on his list, but the plan they had for Marshall really worked this weekend.

"My host was Sammy Watkins and we are very similar people. Are personalities are a lot alike and he was cool to be around. We talked about how he handles things there and he was cool to be around. We just act a lot alike, so that was nice.

"I also spent time with Coach [Jeff] Scott, Coach [Tony] Elliot, and Coach [Dabo] Swinney. I liked them all. Coach Swinney seems very genuine and me and my parents liked him a lot. He is an honest guy, he looks to do all the right things, and it was nice to really sit down and talk to him. I had not had the opportunity to do that before.

"The coaches showed me how things would look after Andre Ellington leaves. They are looking for that next every down back and they think I could be that guy. They showed me all the their young receivers, how they will open up running lanes, and just how they can be a good team in the years to come.

"All the people around Clemson seemed like normal guys and I liked that a lot. They have a young team, they are playing well, and they have made a move for me."

Swinney and company seemed to push all the right buttons this weekend. They defeated Clemson on the field and they made a big impression on the Marshall family.

CU is in the game for the no. five prospect in America.

"They really opened my eyes and I see them differently now," Marshall stated. "This visit is going to make my decision even harder now. It wasn't going to be easy, but it is going to be harder after seeing what it is like at Clemson.

"There are good people there, they have a lot of good players that young, and I feel I can fit right in there."

Marshall does not have plans to take a visit this upcoming weekend, but will finish up with an official visit to South Carolina (when they play Clemson) on November 26.

He will then make his decision early in December, play in the Under Armour All-America game on January 5, then move to his new home because he is graduating early. Top Stories