Watkins dealing with shoulder injury

CLEMSON - Sammy Watkins suffered an acromioclavicular joint sprain in the third quarter of Clemson's 31-28 win over Wake Forest.

The freshman wide receiver injured his right shoulder on his fifth and final catch against the Demon Deacons.

Watkins, who leads the Tigers with 68 catches for 1,034 yards and 10 touchdowns this season, is also first in the ACC in catches and yards per game.

He's 14th in the country with 103.4 yards receiving per game and 19th with 6.8 receptions per game.

On Monday, he met with the media to discuss his shoulder injury.

It looked like you took a helmet to helmet hit on a kickoff return. Was that when the shoulder injury happened or was it later?
Watkins: It wasn't a head to head shot. I fell on the ball and knocked [the wind] out of me. I got hut on that play...when I was going towards the end zone. I got slammed on my shoulder. That's when I hurt it.

Did you just land on it?
Watkins: I landed on it awkward. The force was going down. Me stopping myself, I had my arm, and I just fell on it real hard.

How are you feeling? What do you feel like your availability will be this weekend?
Watkins: I'm actually getting better day by day. I'll probably be limited, but I might play.

What's going to determine whether you'll play? Just how you feel on Saturday?
Watkins: How I go through this week. I'll go to treatment every day. I'll get out there and maybe practice Thursday. Then, see if they'll let me play.

Is it sore? What's the feeling?
Watkins: It's just sore right now. It's not really hurting that bad, but it's just sore.

Do you have full range of movement and motion? Or are you restricted?
Watkins: I haven't been moving. I just have it sitting here. I just haven't been moving it as much.

Did you have an MRI done?
Watkins: They said it was perfectly fine. It's an AC sprain, so I'll think I'll be back by Friday or Saturday.

What's your level of pain right now?
Watkins: It's probably a three or a four. When I move it high, but I can move it.

It's more of an uncomfortable feeling than anything else?
Watkins: Yes.

What was it like having to leave the game? How scared were you when they took you in to get the x-ray?
Watkins: I actually thought it was messed up pretty bad, because it was hurting. I really couldn't move it at all. When they did the x-rays, nothing was broken. I was like, OK, I'm fine. I was kind of stirred up, because we were losing. I felt kind of bad.

Was it frustrating being in the locker room while your team was losing?
Watkins: I got kind of mad. They wouldn't let me back out. But, at the same time, he didn't want me around and fans hurt my shoulder.

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