Scott, Tigers offer freshman QB

While Clemson recruiting coordinator Jeff Scott was in Jacksonville, Fla. scouting junior linebacker Daniel McMillan, a freshman quarterback caught his eye.

QB DeAndre Johnson Profile

After Scott watched First Coast's win against Ed White earlier this month, DeAndre Johnson was offered by Clemson.

"It was a great experience, accomplishment for me. Reality's finally kicking in now. It's a really big deal for me," Johnson recently told

The Tigers' offer came as a pleasant surprise.

"I had no idea that Clemson was so interested in me. When it came through, it was eye opening," he said.

An offer, though early, is something he's been striving to get for quite some time.

"I kind of was expecting it, because it was something I worked for and prayed for. It just came through," he said.

The 6-foot, 170-pound 2015 quarterback has already started to study the Tigers.

QB DeAndre Johnson has already secured his first scholarship offer. (
"I know a lot. I have some family that went to Clemson. They're real big Clemson fans," Johnson said. "This is my first year really looking at them. They've had so much success."

A future in Tigertown is appealing.

"They seem like they're very family oriented and it seems like a good community to play football in. I could see myself going there, in the long run," he said.

Johnson visited Florida State this past weekend. Florida, Auburn, Alabama, Arkansas, Virginia Tech, Tennessee and Purdue have also expressed interest.

"Right now, my favorite so far is Clemson," he said.

The offer is working in their favor.

"It's funny. It seemed so good, I went out and bought a bunch of Clemson stuff," Johnson said.

As a freshman, he's thrown for 2,000 yards and 26 touchdowns. Top Stories