Coastal 60 Clemson 59 Quoteboard

CLEMSON - The name of the game under Brad Brownell is defense. According to Andre Young, that's where Clemson didn't get it done in Tuesday night's loss to Coastal Carolina.

The senior believes the Tigers need to right there wrongs on that end if the Tigers are going right the ship.

"We haven't established our defensive identity," he said. "We're not getting stops. That's really all it comes down to, getting stops and getting rebounds."

The final play...

"Bryan [Narcisse] did a great job on defense. Forced him into a tough shot. I stood and watched, watched the guy go tip it in. You can't do that." - Tanner Smith

"Bryan did a good job, defensively, on him. He challenged the shot. It's one of those things. You're defending the shot, you turn around, you're so close to the basket. Obviously, didn't block out, but you're turning around and the ball's bouncing back. The guy, he knows where it's going and you don't, so he just slips by you and tips it in." - Brownell

"We knew they were probably going to make a one-on-one move. They just got a put-back. We didn't finish the drill." - Young

"They're a pretty good offensive rebounding team. Obviously, the ones at the end was a back-breaker." - Brownell

Moving on...
"It's their team. It's their season. It's their memories. It's their experience. They've got to be the ones to really take ownership, to take leadership, direction. If the players are doing that, your team is much better. When it's coach directed, it's not quite as good." - Brownell

"We have a lot of things to learn about ourselves. The season doesn't stop just because we're not playing well. We have another game coming up. It's a long season. But, at the same time, we can't keep making the same mistakes." - Smith

"We've just got to get back in there and work. Those guys have got to dig deeper, individually. They've got to believe in themselves. They've got to put in the time. I will say, our older players, their attention to detail hasn't been as good as it needs to be. That's got to improve. The margin for error is so small." - Brownell

Homecoming for Cliff Ellis...
"This is a special place. They're going to be fine. I'm a huge fan of Brad Brownell. He's a great guy and a good coach. He's going to be fine." - Ellis

"I've got two daughters, two grandchildren that live here, a son-in-law, a lot of family that lives here. I've got good friends here." - Ellis Top Stories