Time to rebound

CLEMSON - Landon Walker can't help but scratch his head and wonder what's happened over the last few weeks.

Eight games into his senior season, everything was going so well. Clemson was undefeated, among the 10 teams in country and chalk full of swagger.

Despite clinching a spot in the ACC Championship with win over Wake Forest, Clemson has stumbled its way to a 9-2 record with losses to Georgia Tech and N.C. State.

"We haven't played with confidence," Walker said. "We haven't been the same team that we were the first eight weeks. Whatever we've got to do to find that this week is what we're going to be doing."

The right tackle said it's a problem that the Tigers have seen in the past.

"It's one guy here and there. I think we had a few problems with it last year. We'd have 10 guys doing their job and one guy not doing their job, or maybe three guys not doing their job. It's getting everybody to do their job," he said.

"It's not toughness, none of that. It's playing together. We haven't been doing that the last couple of games. We skated by Wake Forest not playing together. We have to have all 11 guys on the field doing their job.

"Whether it's me, Antoine [McClain], Dwayne [Allen], whoever it may be, we all have to play together."

With a trip to South Carolina as the regular season finale, things have to get right.

The Gamecocks are No. 2 in the country in pass defense, 47th in scoring defense and 53rd against the run.

And South Carolina pass rushers are averaging nearly two sack a game.

"The same old Carolina defense. They're very athletic," Walker said. "I think we're both loaded with talent. That's the biggest thing we've got in common.

"That game's going to come down to who wants it more... hopefully we can get everything together this Saturday."

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