Smith likely to start Saturday

CLEMSON - After practice on Wednesday night, Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney said David Smith would "probably" be the starter at left guard against South Carolina.


Practice this week...
Swinney: It's been good. Guys have had a good focus and been eager, eager to get to game day. Today is a day that we got a chance to see a couple of guys do some live work. Got to see how [Phillip] Price worked today. I was really anxious to see him move around. Again, I expect him to play. I think he, based on what I saw today, is going to be able to help us. I'm encouraged by that.

How much contact has Sammy Watkins gone through this week?
Swinney: He's been in pads the whole time. He's done all the drills. He's excited about getting back out there.

And Price?
Swinney: Today's the first day he went live. He's done a lot of drill work Monday and Tuesday in walk-through stuff. Today, we cut him loose. He did really good.

Is the lateral movement good?
Swinney: You can't even tell anything is wrong with him. You can't even tell he's been hurt. He looked good. I'd say very, very encouraged. We wouldn't play him unless we felt like he could. That's not a position you go in there and hide a guy. We wouldn't play him if we weren't confident he could play.

Will Brandon Thomas be at left guard?
Swinney: He'll be at left guard. Probably will start David Smith. That's probably who's going to start. He was our lineman of the week. You'll see him probably start the game, but Brandon will play a lot, could possibly play tackle and guard. Top Stories