Clemson 59 Furman 49 Quoteboard

CLEMSON - After dropping consecutive games to College of Charleston and Coastal Carolina, Clemson got back into the win column with a 59-49 win over Furman on Friday night.

Second-year head coach Brad Brownell knew the risk he was running when scheduling the in-state mid-majors.

"We wanted to play some games like that against good teams," he said. "It's disappointing that we lost them, but we certainly found some things out.

"This Furman team did a good job tonight competing."

Milton Jennings' performance...
"Milton had a great game today. Great game. He did a little something of everything. He took care of the ball, he scored the ball, he rebounded well. He's definitely one of our main contributors on this team." - Andre Young

"I owe it to my teammates and my coaching staff. Giving up the two previous games we focused on coming out strong...I finally stepped up. I'm a junior this year. There's a little bit of seniority, if you must. I saw that my teammates weren't playing as well, so I just decided to go." - Jennings

"I thought Milt was fantastic, being aggressive, but not being out of control. He's shown he can be a little loose." - Brownell

"The more times they can be successful, like Milt tonight, the better that can be for us going forward." - Brownell

Slow start...
"There were a lot of substitutions early in the game because I just made a decision I was going to take guys out for mistakes. So early on there were a lot of quick subs." - Brownell

"Every team is going to come in here at the beginning of the season and it's going to be their national championship. They're going to play hard. We understand that. Give Furman credit, they did that. They busted up on us 9-0." - Jennings

"We've got to be better. We've got to hold ourselves to a higher standard. It's difficult thing because it's such a disjointed situation with six young kids and six older players." - Brownell

"It was a matter of just staying composed. They came in and got us down 9-0. Coach did a good job. The older guys did a good job of pulling the team together, really trying to keep our composure and chip away at the lead." - Young

More from the bench...
"We can't have three guys played 35-plus minutes. My freshman have got to play better. They've got to come along. They've got to have some more urgency. Bryan [Narcisse] certainly helps us, but we've got to have more guys." - Brownell Top Stories