USC 34 Clemson 13 Quoteboard

COLUMBIA - Despite the losses in three out of their last four games and now three in a row to rival South Carolina, Rashard Hall is upbeat.

There's very little that could spin all that into a positive, but Clemson does have a chance to make history in six days.

"We're playing for the ACC Championship game," Hall said. "I think it's pretty easy to bounce back from that. It's a horrible loss for the state championship, but we're playing in the ACC Championship game next week.

"We haven't won that since '91. That's 20 years. I think it's easy to bounce back, in my opinion."

Five more sacks...
"We've got to be able to protect [Boyd] and we've got to get his confidence-level back." - Morris

"South Carolina did a great job and did what they said they really wanted to do, to make him uncomfortable back there, and that's what they did." - Dwayne Allen

"I think you've got to start by protecting him and giving him simple reads. We have that. He's had that. It's just that we've got to be able to give him the opportunity to make some plays. We had that." - Morris

"We knew the pass rush was going to be effective. Those guys, they pin their ears back and they come after the quarterback. We missed a lot of blocks that we should have had." - Andre Ellington

"Phillip Price being out is one of our problems. He's a senior left tackle and a guy who's been dependable for us all year." - Allen

"That pass rush was a big part in the game. It eliminated a lot of things that we wanted to do offensively." - Ellington

Connor Shaw runs wild...
"Just playing a running quarterback, you have to be ready for the run and the pass. When nothing's open, he's going to tuck it and run. We just have to be in our rush lanes." - Andre Branch

"He definitely had a lot in the first half. Give a compliment to him for doing that." - Hall

"He just picked a spot and went with it. That's how it went down." - Branch

Back to Charlotte...
"We're not the football team we were four weeks ago. I don't have answer for that right now. We've got to try to find out what, be able to get it back and go to Charlotte and win an ACC Championship this next week. That's our goal. This is behind us now. It's going to hurt. It's going to hurt for a long time. We've got to hope that we can learn from it and move on." - Morris

"I definitely think we're going to get everything together for next's not all bad." - Hall

"We've got two games left. We've got a chance to win an ACC Championship this week. We've got to find a way to pull our nose up. We're far from crashing and burning. We've got to get back right. We've got to get our confidence level back. We've got to get protection back right. We're not protecting well up front for him." - Morris

"We still have goals. We've got to get ready for the ACC Championship." - Allen Top Stories