Q&A with Kevin Steele

COLUMBIA, S.C. - Defensive coordinator Kevin Steele talks about Saturday night's loss.

It seemed like you did a little better job of containing the run game in the second half. It looked like they were giving you fits in the first half.
Steele: You've got a guy sitting there on the edge. We check something that hadn't worked on all week long when he's sitting there for the quarterback. It's hard to stop it.

We just didn't have a lot of composure. We lined up wrong. The corners didn't run across when they were supposed to run across. The stars didn't. Linebacker's got man-coverage on the guy and looks back at the quarterback. He's going to get sacked, throws it to the back. Just didn't execute. Got to execute. We've got to coach them better, call it better, do everything better.

What did they do that you didn't work on?
Steele: Nothing. Zero. Nothing...I said something we did that we didn't work on.

Any thoughts on why the lack of composure?
Steele: No. Maybe they were just too hyped up. I don't know.

It looked like when Coty Sensabaugh was given opportunities one-on-one against Alshon Jeffery he was holding his own. Thoughts on his play?
Steele: He contested every throw on [No.] 1.

Are you concerned about the ability to reel them back in for next week's game?
Steele: In this business, all you can do is go back and watch film, correct mistakes. Simple stuff. The first touchdown pass we had double-coverage and he throws it in there. We've just got to contest the ball. We've got a guy underneath and a guy on top of him and he catches for a touchdown pass. When it gets like that, you've just got to contest the throw.

A lot of that rushing yardage in the first half was not on runs. It was on scrambles. That's a huge difference. Those guys are back there covering. We've got to get off blocks up front, collapse the pocket and not let guys run around like that.

Was Shaw a good bit more effective than what you expected?
Steele: No. We knew exactly what he was. He did a good job. He's fast. He was what he thought he was, very athletic and fast.

How was the tackling?
Steele: Some was good. Some was bad.

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