Clemson 38 Tech 10 Quoteboard

CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Rashard Hall's seen both ends of the spectrum.

Two years removed from the ACC Championship loss to Georgia Tech, he and his Clemson teammates exorcised the demons of the defeat in Tampa.

On Saturday night, Clemson clinched a trip to the Orange Bowl with 38-10 ACC title win over Virginia Tech.

"Heaven and hell," said Hall, when comparing the difference in feelings. "Two years ago, it hurt real bad. We came out tonight with that kind of feeling, that bad taste in our mouth."

The defensive effort...
"No different preparation. Just assignment, alignment, responsibility. We just came out and did a great job in those areas. We came out and had a good defensive performance." - Hall

"I mean, I never got to get in a rhythm. They were blitzing a lot of combos to cover the run. A lot of times we were calling a run straight into their blitzes." - David Wilson

"Just stopping the run. That was in all phases. The quarterback draw, No. 4 and No. 2 in the backfield, then just hold up the backend. That's definitely what we did. The defensive line and linebackers had a great game and we held it down as a secondary. It definitely showed tonight." - Hall

"Part of the reason we stopped running the ball, I guess the coaches thought it wasn't being successful. But at the same time, you have to get you guys going. The offensive line has to get them moving, and you have to get your running backs into the flow of the game." - Wilson

Touchdown to Watkins...
"I dropped a pass [last week]. I put that behind me. Great receivers drop passes. Terrell Owens, Julio Jones. I wasn't really worried about that." - Sammy Watkins

"Tajh did his job. I did my job. The line did their job. We were just waiting for that play. We knew it was going to be open. We saw how they were coming down on the short stuff. The cornerback was peaking in the backfield. We were just waiting to call it and put them away." - Watkins

Plenty on the line...
"The last four years, we have been that close. Tonight, we just showed up and phsyically dominated. There is no question who was the better team out there tonight." - Landon Walker

"You're playing for a ring. You're playing to go to the Orange Bowl. But most of all, you're playing one of your last games with some of your brothers on your team that you love very much. We just knew coming out of that second half, just had to take advantage of the opportunity. That's what we did. We came out and played a great defensive game." - Hall

Miami or bust...
"We're going down to Miami. I am going back home. It is a dream come true. Winning the ACC is a dream come true. I am going down to Miami to play this game with guys I love so much. Iti s the happiest thing in my life right now." - Hall Top Stories