One of the best

CLEMSON - On Monday, Dalton Freeman was named one of the six best centers in the country. He'll learn this weekend if he's considered the best.

Freeman is a finalist for the Rimington Trohpy with Grant Garner [Oklahoma State], Ben Jones [Georgia], Peter Konz [Wisconsin], David Molk [Michigan], William Vlachos [Alabama].

The winner will be announced on the Dec. 8 at the College Football Awards Show.

"It's something I can't really wrap my hands around. It's an unbelievable honor and a dream come true...I've had an unbelievable support staff with my family. My dad playing college football, my brother beating the crap out of me when I was little and making me tougher," Freeman said. "I really thank coach [Brad] Scott for taking me under his wing, recruiting me, bringing me to Clemson, training me and really laying a foundation. I'm so blessed."

A week ago he was named first-team All-ACC.

"As a junior, coming here form a small two-a school, I had dreams of doing it," Freeman said. "I believed in myself, but until you actually do it, you're kind of a little bit skeptical."

Well, it happened. And so did the ACC Championship that a lot of folks didn't think would happen after Clemson's late-season skid.

"Playing the biggest game of my career, we dominate and go out and win the ACC Championship, then come back a couple days later, if you can't get off of cloud-nine, you find out your a finalist for the Rimington," Freeman said.

The two and a half-year starter is proud that he was right at the center of Clemson's return to the top of the ACC.

"We're so proud of our university. This is where we should be, year in and year out," he said. "Somewhere along the way these past few years we got away from that.

"For us to re-lay that foundation , and set the standard for these recruits to come in and these young kids, I think it's only going to get better."

Coming up after the Jan. 4 Orange Bowl, Freeman will have a decision to make -- stick around for one more year or forgo his senior season for the NFL.

"I'll definitely think about it," he said.

Freeman will submit paperwork to the NFL Draft Advisory Board.

"I think most juniors that play should," he said. "Right now, it's about trying to beat West Virginia. I'm just so happy to have a big old' ring to put my finger." Top Stories