Tankersley optimistic about Gurley

SPARTANBURG - Four-star commitment Cordrea Tankersley discusses Clemson's pursuit of one of the North Carolina participants and his week at the Shrine Bowl.

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On Monday night, the heavy Clemson representation at this year's Shrine Bowl locked in on four-star running back Todd Gurley, who's considering Clemson, North Carolina, Georgia and N.C. State.

"We were on the third floor the whole time, for about an hour or two [Monday night], just sitting there talking," Tankersley told CUTigers.com on Tuesday. "I think he likes Clemson. I'm not going to say anything, but I think he likes Clemson."

The four-star prospect has enjoyed the time spent on and off the field with his future Clemson teammates. This week, he's rooming with Ronald Geohaghan.

"It's great to see the skill level we're going to have for next year and to get to know each other even better," Tankersley said.

The contingent has made its presence known.

"There are a lot of Clemson players. We always go to somebody's room. There's Clemson everywhere," Tankersley said. "We talk to some of the North Carolina guys from Clemson. It's real cool."

Who's impressed him the most this week?

"Quinshad Davis," Tankersley said. "He's very impressive. He goes hard every play. He's determined to win. I'm very impressed by him. I'm the one that usually has to guard him."

Davis isn't the only top-flight wide receiver Tankersley has matched up with during practice. Also on the Sandlappers' squad are South Carolina commitments Shaq Roland and Kwinton Smith.

"It shows where my skill level is at. We're just having fun," Tankersley said. "Hopefully, we'll come out and win Saturday."

During the first two days of practice, Tankersley has spent a lot of time at cornerback, a position he hasn't played since his sophomore year at Silver Bluff High School.

"Ever since then, I've been a safety and quarterback. That's it," he said.

Adjusting to an unfamiliar position has been a challenge.

"You're locked on to that one receiver. You've got flats or you've got deep. You've got to learn all the assignments," Tankersley said. "It's tough, but it will pay off."

As a senior, he rushed for 650 rushing yards and five touchdowns and passed for 708 yards and six scores. On the defensive side of the ball, Tankersley had 40 tackles.

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