Top FL QB Interested in Clemson?

When Daytona Beach (Fla.) Seabreeze standout quarterback Xavier Lee was named the state's Junior Player of the Year last year, it wasn't that big a surprise to anyone who paid attention to what Lee did to opposing defenses last season.

QB Xavier Lee
6-3, 210, 4.59
Seabreeze High School
Daytona Beach, Florida

"He's the best high school football player my teams have ever played against," one opposing coach said. "He has the total package -- the arm, the poise, and the instincts."

Instincts are what Lee believes separates himself from other top quarterback prospects. "A lot of guys have strong arms and are good athletes or whatever," he said. "I think one of my strengths is having good instincts. The coaches say they can't coach that stuff."

Lee used those instincts to put up over 3,000 yards and 33 touchdowns last season before losing to Willie Cooper and St. Augustine in the state quarter-finals last season.

At 6-foot-3 and 212 pounds, Lee started playing football as a freshman. "I never played before that because they said I was too heavy. When I first started, it didn't take long for me to start loving it."

Lee, who didn't pass the test the first time around, is preparing for a re-take that he hopes will enable him to become a qualifier.

On the recruiting front, Lee was a marked man this spring. "A lot of coaches called but I wasn't here for a lot of them."

Lee remembers having conversations with several major college programs. "The best ones were with Ohio State, Oklahoma, and Auburn," he said. "I really liked talking to them and listening to what they were saying. I also talked to people like Clemson, North Carolina, Auburn, Syracuse, and Louisville. A lot of them said I have offers waiting."

So what about the in-state schools? "Nope," he said. "I really liked Florida State and everything. My brother even signed to play there even though he's not sure what he's going to do in the fall right now. But they showed me no attention in the spring. They didn't call me or anything. I didn't talk to Miami either and I really like them. They have a great program that I'd be interested in but I didn't get a call from them either."

Lee said he wants to go to a school that has someone he knows. "That will make it more comfortable for me," he said. "It might be a friend, family, a coach, or whatever. Playing my freshman year isn't a big deal. Most of the best quarterbacks take their first year to redshirt anyway. As long as I can go in, learn the system, and get a chance to show them what I got in my second year, I'll be happy." Top Stories