AUDIO: Clemson 60 Winthrop 40

CLEMSON - Post-game interviews with head coach Brad Brownell, Tanner Smith and Andre Young.

Brad Brownell: (7:53)
"We've had a great week academically with finals. I was pleased with how focused our guys were in terms of taking care of business with school and doing things the right way, showing some maturity. They were also able to compartmentalize when there was basketball and focus on that. I thought we got better over the course of the last ten days or two weeks. This was a good win for us. Winthrop can be a dangerous team. Their guards can really score. I thought we did an unbelievable job defensively. To win a low-possession game by twenty was pretty good play."

On defending Andre Jones:
"Tanner [Smith] started on him and Rod [Hall] moved over to guard him. He's a guy that's a shot-maker. He makes off-balance shots and he makes out-of-rhythm shots. I think Tanner's size was good in this one. We just never let him get into a flow. If he made one, he didn't make another one right on top of it. He made a couple later after we had the lead."

On coming out quickly in both halves:
"I thought our guys really were good starting the game, and they came out of halftime well. They just played with some good poise. We had a couple too many turnovers in the second half, but we were much better about being aggressive and getting to the free throw line, which has been a real problem for us. Hopefully, that will improve."

On the increase in minutes for Bernard Sullivan:
"Bernard's health is better. It's still not 100 percent every day, and he still has some problems. I would have anticipated that he would be doing a little better than he has done to date. Some of that is just that he has a hard time breathing and he wears out. When you wear out, mentally, you can't think. It has been a long process for him. But he has felt better more often and had better practices, so consequently, I want for him to start getting double digit minutes and see what he can do."

On giving Catalin Baciu the start today:
"Some of it was because Milton [Jennings] had been sick and had missed some practice this week. Having said that, I was debating about starting Bobo. It was a game where they played two bigger posts, and he could have success if he did start. We could put he and Devin [Booker] together to see how it would work. I thought Bobo did a good job. I thought he got us off to a good start. He still needs to rebound better, but defensively, I thought he was fine. He gave us a couple of buckets around the hoop."

Tanner Smith: (1:43)

Andre Young: (2:23) Top Stories