Changing his game

CLEMSON - There was a time all that long ago when Tajh Boyd wanted people to understand one thing about him.

He was a traditional, drop-back passer. Not a dual-threat quarterback.

The redshirt sophomore quarterback changed his tune when Clemson brought on Chad Morris as offensive coordinator.

"Things kind of change a little bit. You can still be that pro-style guy, but you've got to bring something to the table," Boyd said. "This is not a Southern Cal or something like that where you get to sit back there and play-action…but this offense isn't Texas Tech either where you don't have to run at all.

"You kind of have to be mixed in there. That's just kind of how we take it."

The quarterback in Morris' hurry-up, no huddle offense operates better with a quarterback that can make plays with his feet.

"It's just another added emphasis to the offense," Boyd said. "The offense can go without it, but it just makes it that much more to account for, when I'm able to run."

This season, Boyd rushed 132 times for 416 yards gained with five touchdowns. He lost 230 yards for a net of 186.

Aside from the season opener against Troy, Clemson lost each game that Boyd netted negative yardage and did not score a touchdown.

He had -1 against Georgia Tech, -10 against N.C. State and -23 against South Carolina. Sacks, however, do count against a quarterback's rushing yardage.

In the ACC Championship win over Virginia Tech, Boyd ran 11 times for a net total of 28 yards and a score.

"The offense did an outstanding job blocking up front. I think they had one of their best games. It's all about the small things," he said.

Boyd, who is 12th nationally in points accounted for with 17.23 per game, said he peeled off a 4.52 in the 40-yard dash over the summer. Top Stories