Eye on Geno

CLEMSON - Rennie Moore doesn't mind that West Virginia rarely utilizes quarterback Geno Smith as a runner.

After all, running quarterbacks have been a bit of an Achilles heel for this season for Clemson.

Maryland's C.J. Brown, Georgia Tech's Tevin Washington and South Carolina's Connor Shaw all eclipsed the 100-yard mark against Clemson. Of those three games, the Tigers only win was against the Terps.

Smith, who's rushed 51 times for 154 yards gained this season, has lost 213 for a net of -59. His only score on the ground was against Rutgers.

"This quarterback isn't going to do too much of that running," Moore said. "He's a thrower. I'm happy about that."

The junior quarterback from Miramar High School in Florida has passed for 3,978 yards with 25 touchdowns and just seven interceptions.

"If he's sitting in that pocket, he's a sitting duck," Moore said. "He's a pretty good quarterback. He can scramble. I've seen it. He doesn't do it too much, but he can. We've got to keep everything inside, keep everything zoned up, let them play to us."

Against West Virginia's high-powered, quick passing game, Moore said Clemson's success will start up front.

"We've got great edge rushers in [Andre] Branch in Malliciah [Goodman]," he said. "Me and [Brandon Thompson] will hold it inside, keep them boxed in on the run -- make them throw it. That's what we want."

Moore broke down the keys for a defensive lineman when it comes to playing against an offense like Mountaineers'.

"Just keep your head on a swivel. You've got big dudes coming, looking to cut you up," he said. "Just running. That's the whole thing. Full-steam ahead. You've got to catch up with them and run down the field. You never know what can happen when you try to chase down the ball."

Moore added, "You know they're going to try to do what every shotgun team [does] -- try to tire the d-line, a few screens here, try to make us run a little bit, zone us up, read us down.

"I feel like we'll be able to handle it as a defense. Coach [Kevin] Steele's got a good plan for this team."

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