Last practice in Clemson

CLEMSON - Head coach Dabo Swinney talks about the final practice of the year in Clemson and looks ahead to next week's trip to Miami, Fla.


What kind of advice to you tell your players to do or not to do over their break?
Swinney: I talk to them all the time about making good decisions. Travel safe. Enjoying Christmas, the meaning of Christmas. Just enjoy your family and an opportunity to be at home during a special time. We talked a lot about, you're not invincible. People know who you are. You represent Clemson all the time, not just when you're here.

I've been a part of it. There's nothing that rocks your team to the core like losing one of your teammates or something like that, for something stupid. Hopefully, everybody will enjoy a nice break and travel safe. We'll arrive down there on the 27th. Most of the guys are on the charter. We've got a few that are flying in on their own. Some will be driving there. Look forward to getting everybody back together on the 27th and getting back to work.

Those first couple of days are going to be good. It's just going to be all ball, meetings and walk-thrus and practice. We'll kick the bowl festivities off on the 29th.

Is everyone eligible for the trip?
Swinney: I don't have any confirmation on anything right now. I should know by this evening, 100 percent. Right now, I don't know. I'd be speculating.

Rennie Moore said the defensive line next year will be ruthless…
Swinney: We'll have a good group. Malliciah [Goodman] will be back. Obviously, there's another level for him. I'm real excited about Corey Crawford. All those guys that are playing inside at d-tackle, I really think they're going to grow up a ton this offseason. I think you'll see us play a lot more guys next year. We'll be in a little more of that mode, which is kind of what we'd like to be. This year has been a different year, from that standpoint. We were lucky to keep these guys healthy for most of the season and just kind of bring these guys along, as opposed to just having to throw them in the fire. They've all learned a lot. We have a good group. I think we're going to sign some guys that are going to help us as well. The future is bright on both sides of the line. A lot of youth.

How is Phillip Price coming along?
Swinney: He's good. We've been really holding him the last couple of days. He'll have tomorrow, the 23rd, 24th, 25th, 26th and 27th. He's got several days before we get back in pads. I think he'll be ready to go by the time we play. He's responded.

Injury-wise, how's the rest of the team?
Swinney: David Smith banged his toe up. We've held him today and yesterday. He should be fine by the time we get back down to the bowl site. He should be good to go. Top Stories