Dodd could be a dual-threat

Kevin Dodd, one of Clemson's two prep school placements from the 2011 class, spent this past fall at Hargrave Military Academy. He still has some work to finish up before enrolling next month. CUTigers has the latest in this extensive interview.

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The former Riverside High School [Greer] defensive lineman was placed at the Chatham, Va. school to improve his academic standing.

"It's a tough program. I just went with the program, gave it a shot. I didn't try to fight the system or anything," he told CUTigers in a recent interview. "I got some structure. I picked up a couple of study habits throughout the program.

"I had to study two hours a night. I actually know how to study, not sit there and just wander off."

Hargrave's military structure was also a positive experience for the three-star post-grad prospect.

"I knew what I had to do, what had to be done. I just went with the flow. I got there and adjusted to it, adapted to it," Dodd said.

He took six classes, but needed to make the grade in four.

"I had to have all A's in those classes and go up in my test scores," Dodd said.

There is still work left to do.

"I have to go back [to Hargrave] for two weeks," he said. "I have to go back on the 2nd to the 13th. I should be moving in [to Clemson] after that, if I go up there with the work ethic and come out with these A's. I should be fine and moving in on the 16th."

On the field, Dodd feels like he improved, though his workload there wasn't as strenuous as it was in the classroom.

"They helped me work on my speed. But the football, actually I really didn't play a lot in games," he said. "The games I did play, it was really trying to get the unsigned people some looks. I was just there trying to focus on academics."

Defensive tackles coach Dan Brooks kept Dodd in the loop on what was going back in Clemson.

"I got a note from him pretty much everyday out of the week. He would call me. I stayed in contact with coach Brooks a lot," Dodd said.

When he arrives to Clemson, he'll get a chance at both defensive tackle and defensive end.

"Coach Brooks said they're going to give me a shot at both. I carry my weight well and I have speed. I can play end. I learned how to play tackle in my senior year and post-grad. I learned how to play a little tackle," Dodd said. "I'm willing to play both. Just go in and get a spot on the depth chart." Top Stories