Hopkins expects to play

HOLLYWOOD, Fla. - Despite suffering a mild concussion in a traffic accident earlier this week, DeAndre Hopkins expects to play in the Orange Bowl.

The sophomore wide receiver was in a one-car accident Tuesday morning before meeting the team bus in Clemson.

"I just lost control, hydroplaned, [had] an accident. It was kind of crazy. It was so fast when it happened. It was like a dream," Hopkins said at the Clemson team hotel on Thursday afternoon.

"It scared me, like it would any normal human being. When you lose control of any kind of vehicle, it's scary."

Hopkins, who missed Tuesday's charter flight, hit his head on the steering wheel and briefly lost consciousness after crashing into some small trees. He was well enough to fly to south Florida a day later.

"Guys [were] just telling me they were praying for me, thinking about me, being teammates, the good guys that they are, telling me how their families were praying for me," Hopkins said. "I came into the meeting yesterday, after the team meeting, coach [Chad] Morris had me stand up and tell the guys what happened.

"I just told those guys I was thankful for the teammates I have and how precious life is. Anything could happen like that."

The only concussion-like symptoms Hopkins has experienced are headaches.

"I'm feeling better each day so hopefully I'll be out there soon," he said.

Tajh Boyd was relieved when he learned that his second-favorite target will be OK.

"It's just one of those deals where you've got to be [worried]," Boyd said. "You never know how damaging it can be. It was definitely a scary moment for the team. He was just blessed to come out of that thing unscathed.

"I think it puts everything in perspective for us as a team, and probably for him the most."

Head coach Dabo Swinney thinks Hopkins could be practicing with the team by this weekend.

"I think he's going to be fine. Just had a slight concussion, very lucky that he was not seriously injured," Swinney said. "It scared him, really. I think he's really thankful that he's OK. Not many people would walk away from that wreck."

He added, "He ran today and moved around a little bit."

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