Dawson's Diary - Orange Bowl Edition

HOLLYWOOD, Fla. - Another day done, and another day closer to actually playing this game. Every time I see a bowl game on TV, I ask myself, when's our game again?

Three more days? Four more days? Right. I'm about ready to get this whole thing underway.

Before practice today a couple guys including myself had to get interviewed. We rode over to the fields early behind a gigantic motorcade that included President [James] Barker. For whatever reason, being in a huge motorcade makes me look out for insurgents and mercenaries on roof tops. But good news: we made it.

Anyway, today's practice was good, but sweet goodness it was hot. Being of pearly-white semi-translucent skin tone at the height of my winter paleness, I tried to seek shade but to no avail. My farmer's tan is red and thriving. We received a blessing from coach Swinney today though. We've been practicing for something close to 7 days straight, so today we got to take the pads off. That said, we got to work pretty good.

Probably the highlight of practice was at the very end when uncle Luke aka Luke sky walker aka Luther Campbell gave us a free concert. Just kidding. It was more of just some encouraging words. I literally knew nothing about him until just now. Thanks, Wikipedia. I guess I missed out on the Miami Hip-hop scene in the 90's. Bummer.

Speaking of rappers though, we all saw lil wayne at the Miami Heat game. And by "saw" him, I mean identified him by his huge furry white boots. That's about all I could make out from our seats. We all had a good time watching King James absolutely decimate the Bobcats, even though I paid $14 for a tiny Papa John's pizza and a flat Pepsi.

I'm currently sitting in my hotel room absolutely wiped. Most everybody stayed in tonight, and that's probably a good call. My roommate Will Harrison, a wide receiver who looks more like a crazed UFC fighter, might be the loudest snorer I have ever heard, so hopefully I'll be able to get some sleep. Might just have to put on the headphones and drift off to sweet rhymes of Luther Campbell. Got some fun stuff still to look forward to as we get ready for WV.


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