Junior Day visitor high on Clemson

ATLANTA - One of the top 2013 defensive ends in the southeast will be back in Clemson later this month.

DE Isaac Rochell Profile

The Eagles Landing Christian Academy junior will hit up Tigertown for the Junior Day on Jan. 28.

"Obviously I'm interested [in Clemson]," he told CUTigers. "They invited me. I talked to coach [Marion] Hobby on Facebook and he told me about it."

The two remain in study contact, mainly through Facebook.

"It's usually just casual conversation, like Merry Christmas. Stuff like that," Rochell said.

Clemson, Alabama, Florida State, South Carolina and Tennessee are among the 20-plus offers that the 6-foot-5, 250-pound prospect currently claims.

"I'm thinking, as soon as spring time comes around, it's going to start picking up," Rochell said. "That's how it was last year. It was the same way."

There is no list of favorites.

"I have some schools in mind, but not necessarily where I've said, ‘I'm going to pick from these schools,'" he said.

There is a timeline for a decision, though.

"Probably before next football season, if that's what you consider early," Rochell said.

Why then?

"My brother, when he chose his school, he committed before football season," he said. "All the people have committed before football season that I've dealt with personally. To have a relaxed season, you don't have to worry about offers or anything like that. You just play."

Several factors will be considered as the decision process continues.

"How I feel, as far as family feel. That's a big thing," Rochell said. "I'm going to pray about it. Also, the position coach is a big thing. Even though people always say coaches come and go, that's where I'm going to be going.

"I see that as who's going to be there while I'm there. So I'm definitely looking at position coach."

South Carolina has offered Rochell as an offensive tackle. Everyone else, including Clemson, has him on board as a defensive end.

He prefers the defensive side of the ball "for the most part."

"It all depends on how much weight I gain and I'm really going to try to gain some weight," Rochell said. "It depends on how that goes. I may only gain 10. I may gain 20. I don't know. So it all depends on how my body feels."

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