On the way to Clemson

Late Friday afternoon, Travis Blanks spoke to CUTigers about his late arrival to Clemson, the change at defensive coordinator and more.

CB Travis Blanks Profile

The four-star from North Florida Christian [Tallahassee, Fla.] had originally planned to be in Clemson earlier than Friday night.

"I was supposed to be up there on Monday, but my academic advisor sent my stuff in late [to the NCAA Clearinghouse]," he told CUTigers. "My second semester transcript was sent in late, so it took them a day later to approve it. I was actually supposed to be up there earlier this week, but my mom couldn't take off any more time from work, so we had to wait a couple of days."

Since he's all cleared and ready to roll at Clemson, Blanks looks forward to getting his start at Clemson underway.

"I'm excited to get all settled in and start my career," he said.

On Thursday, Blanks learned that Kevin Steele would no longer be the defensive coordinator at Clemson.

"That happens," Blanks said. "After the bowl game, I knew some changes probably would be made. I was expecting something to happen so it didn't catch me off guard or anything like that.

"That happens. It is what is. I talked to coach [Dabo] Swinney. I'm sure they'll get the right guy. I'm not too concerned with that."

Besides, it wasn't like he and Steele formed a close relationship during the recruiting process. Most of that was handled by Jeff Scott.

"We communicated every now and then. Since [Steele] didn't recruit me, our communication was limited," Blanks said. "We really didn't talk that much."

The US Army All-American will enter Clemson with an attitude that will certainly make the Tigers' new defensive coordinator happy.

"I just expect to learn a lot. I expect a big learning curve…I just expect to work hard, give it my all. I'll get back what I put into it," Blanks said.

He had 42 tackles and three interceptions as a senior. As a junior, Blanks finished with 104 tackles and four interceptions. Offensively, he hauled in 35 receptions for 356 yards and eight touchdowns.

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