Duke 73 Clemson 66 Quoteboard

CLEMSON - Milton Jennings led Clemson with 16 points while Devin Booker scored 12 and grabbed 13 rebounds.

Jennings, a junior from Summerville added four rebounds, three assists two steals and a block.

"He played pretty well tonight. He did what he's supposed to do. He's a junior in the program," said Brad Brownell. "He's a guy that has ability. We need he and Devin [Booker] to play like that on a regular basis.

"When they do [play well], we're a formidable opponent. When they don't, we're average, at best."

Close but no cigar…
"No moral victories here. Everybody needs to understand, this team, this program…there are no moral victories at Clemson University." - Jennings

"We can take a few things away, but at the end of the day, a loss is a loss." - Tanner Smith

"We lost. We're here to win games. I understand Duke's a terrific team, obviously well coached, all of that. But we had a chance to win the game. We‘re not having a great year at all, so everybody wants to be like, great effort, good try. You can't let that fool you." - Brownell

"We have high standards. We have to hold ourselves accountable. We have to start beating times like the North Carolinas and the Dukes, Florida States -- all of them. We're in the same league. As a player, we need to know, mentally, that we're going to beat the opposition." - Andre Young

"We did all right. At the end of the day, this one goes down in the loss column just like the B.C. game did." - Smith

Free-throw woes…
"That's self explanatory. I went 1 for 4. What went as a team wasn't good. I know that. Ten for 20. You win the game if you hit those free-throws. If you hit 15 out of 20, you make the game closer at the end." - Jennings

"Ten for 20 from the line. You're not going to beat Duke doing that." - Brownell

"We hit five [more] free-throws, who knows? We're probably storming the court and having a different talk right now." - Jennings

Strong start…
"We came out strong, which we needed to do. We needed to gain some confidence. They're a good team, so they counter punched. We knew that was going to happen." - Smith

"We had a stretch there in the first half where we got a little too excited, because of how well we were playing -- the crowd. You start taking some quick shots. That allowed them to get back in the game." - Brownell

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