Brownell talks Tech win

CLEMSON - Head coach Brad Brownell talks about Saturday's 64-62 win over Georgia Tech.

Overall thoughts:
"I'm really happy for our guys. We've had a couple days of tough practice after not playing as well as we wanted to in Miami. I thought we played really well for 35, 36 minutes and certainly missed a few free throws and we had a few things go against us; they had some shots go in at the end to make it scary, but I thought our guys played really well. I thought we handled the power outage, halftime, and all the strangeness of the game very well."

On Andre Young's performance:
"To be honest, I thought [Andre] would have had a more games like this; maybe not with 29 points, but today when he shot it well from three. He's been fighting it a little bit, but as you can see we needed it, and with only 64 points, he had 29 of them. Other guys played well in spurts offensively and had some baskets. Milt [Jennings] had some late and I thought Bernard [Sullivan] and Rod [Hall] played well early. Tanner [Smith] was pretty solid and Devin [Booker] was good off the bench, but we didn't have another ‘go-to guy' and [Andre] carried us."

On last few minutes of the game:
"We tried everything. If you play soft and try and defend the three, you don't want to foul. They were making shots over the top of us. We also had a few calls go against us, and I will be watching the film on those. The last few minutes we tried to play zone to slow them down because we thought that would work, but they were still able to throw tough shots in. You can look at like it was a remarkable run by [GT], and it was, or you can say we played tremendous defense for 35 minutes and were able to minimize their power for the majority of the game. I choose to look at it that way."

On starting Bobo Baciu over Devin Booker:
"Devin didn't have a great game in Miami and Bobo has played better, not only in games but in practice. [Bobo's] confidence still comes and goes way too quickly but I felt like he had earned an opportunity to start. I don't know if he will next game, but that will depend on how he practices this week. To be honest, some people have been down on Devin and have been upset with him a little bit but when I asked him at half time if he wanted to start or come off the bench he said, ‘Let Bobo start.' That's a pretty mature response from a young man, so I thought that was pretty good on his part." Top Stories