Morris eyes potential 3-back

Last week, Clemson offensive coordinator Chad Morris found a junior in Florida that he would like to play the 3-back position.

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Before leaving Navarre High School, Morris offered Jordan Leggett, a 6-foot-6, 220-pound junior.

The prospect was surprised with Morris' move.

"I've never gotten any letters from Clemson, heard from the on Facebook or anything," Leggett told CUTigers.

He added, "I'm pretty sure it was on Wednesday. He just came and talked to my coach about four players."

At Clemson, Leggett would play the 3-back position, Morris' version of the tight end.

Jordan Leggett (
"He wants me to replace Dwayne Allen. He was last year's tight end/receiver kind of person. He said it would be great to have me there," Leggett said.

What does he know about the Tigers?

"I really don't know that much. I just know South Carolina is their biggest rival and they're in South Carolina. That's about it," Leggett said.

Florida, USF, Georgia and Auburn are also in contact, but no other schools have offered. Leggett will visit Florida this weekend.

"I'm pretty sure, all four of the players, [Morris] wanted us to come up there for [Clemson's] Junior Day," Leggett said. "I think all four of us are going to drive up there together to watch the spring game."

As a junior, he had 45 receptions, 608 yards receiving, and he scored 3 touchdowns as a junior. Top Stories