Texas-sized offer

Earlier this week, Clemson offensive coordinator Chad Morris offered a junior offensive tackle from the Dallas area.

OT J.J. Gustafson Profile

The former Texas high school football coach stopped by Dallas Jesuit to offer three 2013 prospects. One of which was J.J. Gustafson, a 6-foot-4 250-pound offensive tackle.

"It was kind of a shock. It was me and two other teammates. We hadn't really heard much from Clemson. They just kind of walked in and offered us. That was kind of cool," Gustafson told CUTigers last week.

What does Gustafson know about Clemson?

"I know their offense is really potent -- 3,000 yards passing and 2,000 yards rushing is what coach [Morris] said. Also, they got off to an 8-0 start, so obviously they're proving they can win. They put a lot of points on the board."

Arkansas, Baylor, Purdue, Texas A&M, Texas Tech and SMU have also offered Gustafson. Oklahoma, Oklahoma State and Stanford have also been in contact.

Clemson remains in contention, despite the distance from home.

"No school, right now, I don't think is too far away from me," he said. "If I find the right school, distance is not going to be a factor. My family is going to support me wherever I go. If it's in South Carolina or wherever else, I don't think distance will be a problem."

Several factors will be considered as Gustafson works towards a decision.

"Team-wise, I'd like to have a good team atmosphere, one where I can talk to my coaches and teammates about anything. I'm buddies with all the guys on my team. That's important for me at the next level," he said. "Also, what can the school offer me, academically? Because I realize football will eventually end. I'll need to be set up nicely with my education."

There is no timeline for a decision.

"I feel like when the right school comes, I'll know it. That could be any time, I guess," Gustafson said. "It could be tomorrow. It could be all the way up to signing day. I don't really have a set time."

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