Brownell on Tuesday night's loss

CLEMSON - Head coach Brad Brownell talks about Tuesday night's 64-62 heartbreaking loss to Maryland.


Overall thoughts:
"To our kids' credit we worked hard. We were on the edge of the cliff fighting, we just couldn't hang on. You're pushed off the edge in all of these games and somehow, someway you find a spark at the end of all of them. That's when you take a couple of big shots and make big plays. In some ways it's "fools gold" that we get the opportunity to win these games. We get lucky and get a chance at redemption. We're lucky to be able to play these close games. It's tough when you're scratching and clawing your way back. You think back at the free-throws and shots that were missed.
"We played alright in the first half. The energy level was really good and I can't say anything about our lack of effort. In the first half we took a handful of bad shots. In the second half, I don't think we took as many bad shots. We just didn't finish as many plays as we needed to finish.

"There was a little run there where they made a few shots back-to-back and started feeling good about themselves. When you're competing against a player like [Terrell] Stoglin, that's the kind of stuff you're afraid of. We got plenty of shots and opportunities, we just didn't make them.

On Andre Young:
"It hurts when a kid like Andre misses his chance, because you know how much work he's put into it. He wants to win and he wants to be in those situations. He's not going to be ok tomorrow. You want guys like that, because it means he cares. You just hate it for them. We just have to make sure he recovers from it.

"The message to our guys is that they can't give up on the season. You're playing well enough and competitive enough that things could go our way. We just have to wait for the situation turn. That's how sports are, but right now we're catching the bad end of it. It's a test of our character as to how we respond. I felt like we were nervous coming into this game. Our guys really wanted to win this one and we entered the game with a good energy. We just have to make more offensive plays, and more stops. Top Stories