South Carolina's Top 30

After hours of reviewing and studying film, here is a pre-summer look at the top thirty players in the state of South Carolina. Headlining the list is a solid collection of offensive linemen- including Spring Valley's Leon Hart.

1. Leon Hart 6-5/285/5.10 OL  Spring Valley HS

At 6-5 and 292 pounds, Hart has the perfect frame, strength and the quickness to play offensive tackle. He has a 350 pounds bench press and a 500 pound squat right now, but his best lift is the power clean. He's cleaning right at 350.  Was invited to the All-American combine before the All-American game in January, placing first in three of the six events they tested in. He won the forty, the vertical, and the broad jump.


2. Robert Ayers 6-4/227/4.50 LB  Marlboro County HS

Robert Ayers is a big time prospect at linebacker and those that have seen him play know that he has unlimited potential. In only eight games he racked up a total of 89 tackles, 28 of those for loss, and six sacks.  He reads the offensive flow well and is a demon across the field.

3. Cory Lambert 6-7/306/5.08 OL  Greenville HS

Potentially, Lambert could be the best player in the state of South Carolina.  The reason he is not is that the two players ahead of him are instant impact players.  Lambert has a broad wingspan, good range, and good strength.  He graded out at 90-percent with 28 knockdown blocks from his right offensive tackle position.
4. Dorian Capers 6-6/275/5.00 DT  Battery Creek HS
  Capers can shut down the middle of the field and when a running back gets to the outside, he has the speed (4.8 forty yard dash) to chase him down.  He racked up 77 tackles and six sacks from his defensive tackle position. The All-State performer works as hard off the field as he does on. He currently boasts a 320-pound bench press, 460-pound squat, and power cleans 240-pounds.
5. Lawrence Timmons 6-1/220/4.50 LB  Wilson HS
  The athleticism for Timmons is very apparent on both sides of the ball. Projected as a linebacker or even a strong safety, Timmons also has great speed as a wide receiver for his Wilson team.  He finished last year with 95 tackles and four forced fumbles along with 42 catches for 690 yards and 14 touchdowns as a receiver."  At NIKE Camp in Miami and he was very impressive. During drills, he had excellent footwork, good explosion, he had passion in his eyes, and always wanted to be 1st in line, always wanted the best competition according to recruiting analyst Mike Bakas.
6. Mack Frost 6-5/230/4.70 DE  Spring Valley HS

Frost has an excellent first step and good football instincts. He excels at rushing the passer and knocking down passes, which can be expected because of his great physical ability.  What was surprising was his ability to hold his ground at the line of scrimmage by shedding blocks through a variety of spin moves and arm extension. He uses his length to his advantage as he got his hands up quickly and was able to toss aside or spin around guards and tackles trying to block him.

Mack Frost Film

7. Dorrel Scott 6-4/315/5.00 DT  Ridge View HS

At his size, Dorrel Scott is the epitomy of run-stuffing defensive tackles.  Holes are quickly closed and offensive linemen are easily moved to get towards the backfield.  Scott has a 315 pound bench, 450 pound squat, and a powerful forearm shiver.


8. Rafael Little 5-11/195/4.45 RB  TL Hannah HS

One of the top running backs from the Palmetto State is Rafael Little. Little rushed for over 1,000 yards and scored 37 touchdowns as a junior showing a combination of speed, power, and toughness.
9. C.J. Barber 6-2/205/4.5 S  Northwestern HS
  At one of the biggest schools in South Carolina, Barber plays against the best, and seemingly every game shows that he is the best player on the field.  A true playmaker, he could play any of three positions in college between running back, safety, and some college coaches even believe he could play linebacker.
10. Sidney Rice 6-3/185/4.50 WR  Gaffney HS

After a solid showing last summer at the Nike Camp, Rice continued with a good junior effort.  He has a good amount of control with his body in jump ball situations and adequate speed for his size.  Rice also uses his basketball experience, which he would also like to play in college, in leaping for the ball at its highest point in traffic.


Best of the Rest:
11. Kendrick Lynch 5-9/165/4.30 RB  Dorman HS
12. Brandon Thomas 6-1/242/4.7 LB  North Augusta HS
13. Lamont Williams 5-10/185/4.4 CB  Rock Hill HS
14. Mike Hamlin 6-2/184/4.60  S  Lamar HS
15. Bryon Bishop 6-3/285/4.90 DT  Union HS
16. William Richardson 6-4/210/4.80 QB  Sumter HS
17. Phillip Merling 6-6/240/4.60 TE  Calhoun County HS
18. Tremell Kline 6-2/185/4.40 WR  Battery Creek HS
19. Matt Raysor 6-4/275/4.80 DT  Bamberg Ehrhardt HS
20. James Thompson 6-5/310/4.95 OL  Sumter HS
21. Sinclair Cannon 6-3/190/4.50 S  Greer HS
22. Anthony Davis 6-6/235/4.70 DE  Spring Valley HS
23. Alonzo Middleton 6-2/230/4.60 LB  Orangeburg-Wilkinson HS
24. Brian Baker 6-4/275/5.00 OL  Summerville HS
25. Jeremy Burgess 6-5/265/5.00 OL  Loris HS
26. Brooks Foster 6-3/180/4.50 WR  Boiling Springs HS
27. Chris McDowell 6-3/270/5.25 DT  Eastside HS
28. Justin Knox 6-1/180/4.55 QB  Union HS
29. Courtney Vincent 6-1/220/4.70 LB  Allendale-Fairfax HS
30. Devon Heath 5-11/190/4.50 CB  Lancaster HS Top Stories