Clemson 60 UVA 48 Quoteboard

CLEMSON - After putting up a pair of goose eggs in the first half, Devin Booker scored 10 points and grabbed four rebounds in the second half of Clemson's 60-48 win over No. 22 Virginia.

The junior power forward missed his only field goal attempt in the first half before going 4 of 8 in the second.

"His physicality showed. I thought he was really a man out there," said Virginia head coach Tony Bennett, sighting the three offensive rebounds by Booker.

Clemson head coach Brad Brownell cited Booker's second half offensive work around the basket as a boost for the Tigers.

"I thought our guys got him the ball in pretty good positions," Brownell said.

Once Booker found his rhythm, it was easy to stay in it.

"After I make the first basket, the other ones after that, it isn't too hard. I got that first shot to fall. The rest of them fell after that," he said.

A short-handed Virginia team…
"I thought we did a good job, offensively, of making them play defense. We wanted to try to wear them down. They don't play as many guys as some people. Obviously, [Joe] Harris' hand was bothering him a little bit, so this was a game where we could wear them down a little bit. I thought, on both ends of the court, we could push them." - Brownell

"We figured they were definitely a man down. We just had to come out here and play hard." - Andre Young

On Mike Scott…
"Mike Scott to get 13, that's fine -- they're all tough shots, jump shots that he can make, but had to take 11 shots to get them." - Brownell

"I think with that change, the addition of [Milton] Jennings, athletically, he can guard some." - Tony Bennett

"Our turnovers, 18 of those, that's another five or six opportunities for him to get some touches." - Bennett

Back-to-back wins…
"This time of the year, you're just battling. Our kids have really competed hard. We've been close a lot of times. It's real easy to give in…you've got to just fight. Our guys have done that. Coaches have done a good job. Assistants have done a good job of keeping guys motivated." - Brownell

"The key was our second half defense. There were some opportunities for them to make a little run." - Brownell

To Chapel Hill on Saturday… "Hopefully there's some momentum to carry over to that game, just like we did from the Wake Forest game." - Booker Top Stories