Maine 6 Clemson 5 Quoteboard

CLEMSON - In Friday night's 6-5 loss to Maine, it took six innings and seven plate appearances for Clemson to notch a hit with a runner in scoring position.

Tiger hitters left a total of 11 runners on base, seven of which were in scoring position.

"The first six innings, we didn't show up offensively," said head coach Jack Leggett, who played his college ball at Maine.

"Their kid did a good job, to give them credit. He threw strikes. We just couldn't hit his fastball, I guess. Didn't get any flow, offensively, going at all."

Leggett said the lack of hitting with runners on base is an "obvious" weakness for Clemson [2-2].

"We've got to figure out a little better offensive group. We've got to get better that way," he said. "That's all there is to it. We're not real exciting the first six innings. We just couldn't get anything going."

The big seventh inning…
"We had the four-run inning, which was a good thing for us, tied it up, but we went on and gave up two after that." - Leggett

Start No. 2 for Kevin Brady…
"They just came out and they just really attacked me. We made all the pitches and they just kind of hit the ball. [Colin Gay] hit the homerun. He caught that ball. That's him. I have to take my hat off to him." - Brady

"He pitched OK. He pitched pretty well tonight -- the two runs we gave up." - Leggett

"I still feel pretty good. There's still stuff you've got to clean up as a pitcher, but I feel like I took a step from last week." - Brady

Thomas Brittle setting the table…
"It'd be nice to put some runs on the board whenever I get on base. I felt like I've been doing a pretty good job. My teammates have been doing a pretty good job behind me." - Brittle Top Stories