Multiyear scholarships available

Dabo Swinney must now must to go against his beliefs if he hopes to have sustained success on the recruiting trail.

Earlier this month, Clemson was among the 30 schools from BCS conferences to vote against the option of awarding multiyear scholarships. Swinney confirmed to on Wednesday that Clemson will now make those offers available.

"Everybody will have to comply if our competition is offering four-year scholarships," Swinney said in a statement. "Otherwise we will be at a competitive disadvantage. So we will offer four-year scholarships as well."

Last October, the NCAA Division I board of directors approved a measure that would permit – not require -- member institutions to award multiyear scholarships.

In need of a five-eighths majority vote to overturn the measure, opponents of multiyear scholarships fell two votes shy earlier this month. The vote finalized the option for schools to offer multiyear scholarships, this coming after several schools voiced their displeasure over the option.

Swinney was among those who took a stance against multiyear scholarships.

"I would be 100 percent against multiyear scholarships," he said before the 2011 season. "That makes zero sense to me whatsoever. I've never been a guy that's running people off. That's not my style. My philosophy is, and I tell the staff this all the time, if we sign a guy, he's ours -- until graduation do we part."

He added, "A guy doesn't want to go to class, a guy is a discipline problem, he's embarrassing your program, doing all these things, but yet he's got a scholarship that's good for two years, or three years, or he's lazy, doesn't want to show up -- I think the [multiyear scholarship is] the wrong route to take."

A majority of the schools that voted against multiyear scholarships were BCS conferences.

Along with Clemson, Boston College, Florida State, Georgia Tech and Virginia voted against multiyear scholarships.

Alabama, LSU, Tennessee and Texas A&M made up the SEC schools that were against the measure. Top Stories