Livingston Returns from Clemson

Robert Livingston is another big time prospect from North Carolina that appears to be a main target of the Clemson coaching staff for the 2004 class. Livingston attended the Tigers 3-day camp last week and caught up with rising senior Monday evening to see how things went.

S Robert Livingston
6-3, 190, 4.5
Hendersonville High School
Hendersonville, North Carolina

Robert Livingston was in Clemson last week for the Tigers 3-day camp, and by all accounts, everything went well for the North Carolina native.

Well, almost everything.

"The camp went well, but unfortunately I had to leave Tuesday afternoon. I dislocated my pinkie on my right hand while making an interception during a 7 on 7 drill," said Livingston.

"When it dislocated the bone popped through the skin so they had to take me to the hospital for X-rays but luckily it was just dislocated and not broken. Up until that point I was doing really well. I was with Coach Hines most of the time because he coaches the rover/whip positions and that is basically the same thing as a strong safety."

Livingston spent a lot of time talking with the Clemson coaching staff, and it looks like defensive coordinator John Lovett is one of his early favorites.

"But I also got to spend a lot of time with Coach Lovett as well and I liked him a lot. To tell you the truth I guess I talked to all the coaches a little, they would all watch me play in the league games at night so I had a chance to talk to them because they would come up to me after a game and start a conversation."

Livingston has been favoring the Tigers throughout the recruiting process; all he needs now is a formal scholarship offer.

"I didn't receive an offer but I feel like I am close, I think the camp gave me a way to show them my athletic ability, and they said they would definitely be in touch when they could start calling again as well as being at some games of mine this fall."

The rising senior recorded 112 tackles, 3 interceptions, 8 pass break ups, and 2 fumble recoveries playing from his strong safety spot last season.

Because of the injury, Livingston missed camps at Duke and UNC, but he's going to try to head to Chapel Hill for the Tar Heels' 1-day camp on the 21st, pending the injury to his hand.

We will continue to keep you updated on Robert Livingston, right up through signing day 2004. Top Stories