Faster Tigers in 2012?

CLEMSON - Not that it was any big secret, but around this time a year ago, Chad Morris shared what's key to effectively running the hurry-up, no-huddle offense.

It starts with having the center and quarterback on the same page, moving at the same speed as he is.

Twelve months ago, Dalton Freeman was already a season veteran with over a year of starting experience under his belt. Tajh Boyd, then a redshirt sophomore, had never started a game at Clemson.

To the naked eye, things looked pretty good in 2011.

Clemson racked up 6,171 yards of total offense, third-most in ACC history. The 33 touchdown passes as a team, were fourth in conference history, so were the 3,952 passing yards. The Tigers scored 470 points, a figure that's seventh-best all-time in the ACC.

They set single-season school records for passing yards, total offense and points scored.

Not bad for a team with a first-year offensive coordinator, unless you're the coordinator.

"We averaged scoring a touchdown or field goal every 13.7 snaps last year," Morris said. "We've got to increase our snap total. In order to do that, you've got to pick your tempo up.

"How do you do that? You've got to have your quarterback and center on the same page and playing fast. That's their goal this spring. We challenge them every day. I'm excited about that."

The battery of Boyd and Freeman is back for one more year.

"There's no question, and you would expect, but we're so much further ahead now than we were at this time last year. You've got so much more -- the retention level of those guys," Morris said.

Five practices into the spring, he likes the direction they're headed.

"I'm very pleased with the pace that we're playing at, but we've got to keep playing faster," Morris said.

Clemson's hurry-up, no-huddle is primed and ready for the next step.

"I would say we're on pace, right now…to really push this offense in the latter part of spring, to really kind of step into some of the areas that they haven't experienced yet, because we didn't put it in," Morris said. "If we get there -- great -- we're on pace to do it right now. You've got to get good at something. That's what we're trying to do."

Ideally, going into his second season at Clemson, about 80-85 percent of the system will be in place. But it's not a make or break situation this spring.

"I just want to get good at something. If that's the inside zone, the outside zone, the power and some passing game -- great. At least you can master that," Morris said. Top Stories