Spring quotes to note: OL

With the loss of three starters and two key reserves, there are plenty of new faces on the offensive line. But the staff is starting to feel good about what they've got for 2012.

Left tackle
1-Brandon Thomas
2-Isaiah Battle

Brandon Thomas could be the starting left tackle for Clemson in 2012. (Roy Philpott)
Left guard
1-Kalon Davis
2-David Beasley

1-Dalton Freeman
2-Ryan Norton
3-Jay Guillermo

Right guard
1-Tyler Shatley
2-Spencer Region

Right tackle
1-Gifford Timothy
2-Joe Gore

The rest
1-Reid Webster
2-Shaq Anthony
3-Patrick Destefano
4-Oliver Jones

What they're saying…
"A lot of ownership taking place up front, accountability up front -- that was one of our goals…putting a lot of pressure on them up front, holding them accountable. Where we are after five practices, obviously, we're stepping in the right direction. We're far from feeling like we've arrived."

"Kalon has done some good things. Tyler Shatley has jumped in there and given an instant boost. His athleticism, his toughness has given us that. I'm pleased with that. Giff Timothy has been a guy that has flashes. He's like a sparkler on the Fourth of July. Light him up and he looks good, then he'll burn out…the flashes we see are good flashes."

"You see those young ones down at the paw drill. They should be going to the prom or hanging out at a baseball game or a track meet at their high school. You see those guys at the paw drill, they're being physical and they're playing physical. They don't know what direction to go or what to do, but you line them up and say go forward, and they go forward. They're going to do it with some authority and do it with a bad attitude. I do like to see some of that."
-Chad Morris

"We're very fortunate to have [Freeman] back. Brandon Thomas has been kind of a MVP for us in this offseason program. I am just incredibly pleased with what I've seen out of Brandon Thomas. It's almost like the light's just come on for him."

"[Freeman] talks to you like a coach. He's like having a 10th assistant coach. It's amazing. He graduated last August. He's a special guy, one of the rare guys that come along every now and then."
-Dabo Swinney

"Shatley's been the story of the spring. I can't explain how excited I am about him. I think he's going to be the best one we've had in a while."

"All the guys that came in, that's respectable. To leave high school early, that'd be tough to come in and learn a new offense. That's tough for me. I've been here for three years and seen it."

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