Clemson legacy meets Venables

Mario Mathis, who's older brother is a member of the Clemson baseball team, was in Clemson earlier this month for Junior Day. While in town, he met the Tigers' newest assistant.

LB Mario Mathis Profile

Mathis, a junior at Thomasville High School in Georgia, has had his eye on Brent Venables for a while.

"He was straight-up with me. He told me, this year, they're not taking any more than 16. He told me that he doesn't know where I stand right now," Mathis told CUTigers in a recent interview.

He added, "After they played FSU, when he was at Oklahoma, their linebackers had a nice scheme going. I like the way he called his plays and the position he had his linebackers in. He was a guy I really wanted to meet. I liked the way he worked with his linebackers."

The 6-foot-2, 222-pound junior detailed the rest of his visit.

"Tajh Boyd and I spoke. I knew him when he first came to Clemson. Brandon Thompson, one of my former teammates at Thomasville High, I knew Tajh Boyd when he was a true freshmen. We talked for a little while," Mathis said. "We went to the locker room. We got to put on the jerseys. We got to on top of the hill and look at the rock."

He visited South Florida this past weekend. A trip to South Carolina is scheduled for next weekend's junior day. He'll also hit a practice at Florida State.

South Florida, Ole Miss and South Alabama have offered while Mathis continues to rehab an injured knee.

"I'm doing pretty well. I'm walking faster. Probably, next month, I'll start jogging. I'm doing pretty well, right now," he said.

As a junior, he had 80 tackles and 12 sacks. Top Stories