Spring break in San Diego

CLEMSON - Tajh Boyd could have spent his spring break like any normal college student. But he opted bypass the beaches, nightlife and fun for work.

Boyd spent his spring break in San Diego with quarterback coach George Whitfield and former NFL quarterback Trent Dilfer.

It was Boyd's first time working with Whitfield, who's personally trained the likes of Cam Newton, Andrew Luck and Ben Roethlisberger.

"It was my first-time working with [Whitfield]. It felt like I had worked with him forever, though, that's the type of guy he is," Boyd said. "Trent Dilfer was the same way. You go out there, you see these guys all the time, and you've got a different perception of them. As soon as you get there, he's like one of the coaches here."

Hungry to keep the momentum of spring practice rolling right along, the ACC Player of the Year wanted to keep his game sharp between sessions at Clemson.

"It was a pretty good trip. Obviously, on spring break, coaches aren't allowed to work with us," Boyd said. "I thought that would serve as a great time to go out there and continue to get some extra work, especially from guys that are so prolific…I learned some little things here and there, footwork and a little tune up, mechanics.

"I've got a couple of little things to work on now."

Boyd added that the purpose of the trip was to work on "small details."

"We're out here so much, focusing on a lot of other things, just to get focused on the small things," he said.

Whitfield reached out to Boyd after his record-breaking redshirt sophomore season.

"He sent me a letter and he was like, ‘I'd love to work with you, let's find a way to get up.' I called him and we set up a time over break," Boyd said.

Oklahoma quarterback Landry Jones also worked with Whitfield while Boyd was in San Diego.

"It was a good deal. Just to see yourself against one of the other elite, national quarterbacks was pretty good," Boyd said.

Plus, Boyd received a few practice tips from Jones.

"We actually talked about coach [Brent] Venables and some of the stuff at practice. As practice goes, he sends about 50 blitzes at practice," Boyd said.

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