Venables discusses first scrimmage

CLEMSON - Defensive coordinator Brent Venables discusses Monday's scrimmage, the progress of Vic Beasley and much more.


Stephone [Anthony] looked good. I've got to wait and see the film, to see how clean it all was. Tig [Willard] showed up a few different times. They all had some good and bad.

Travis Blanks with the first-team?
He's worked hard. He's picked up things fairly well. He's really hard on himself, very prideful. He's got a high football intelligence, good instincts, plays well with his eyes. He's always ready to get over a play. You've seen him put one foot in front of the other and make improvement since he's been here. I've been very pleased with his progress. He gives us another athlete in space, to match-up.

What do you feel like you got out of the defensive ends today, with Malliciah [Goodman] being out?
It's going to be hard to say. I'll have to wait and see. The No. 1 thing, we got guys who wouldn't have gotten as many reps, more opportunity to bring those guys along. Those guys got a lot of work there. We, obviously, know those guys have never started a game. In this day and age, you need guys that can rush the passer and guys that can set the edge. A year from now, Malliciah won't be here, so we had the opportunity to develop those guys quickly. They need to step up. We're probably going to have to rely on some of those young guys coming in. Those kids will get an opportunity to see if they can crack that two-deep.

What have you seen from Vic Beasley? He's kind of bounced around to a couple of different spots?
I guess he hasn't played very much. He's athletic, can rush the passer. He's gotten more physical. He's understanding how to play with technique and leverage. He's playing with discipline. I know he can do it. I guess he's got to do it every snap. That's what we're pushing for.

Where is Blanks spending the most time?
We're trying to get him really good at the nickel position...we're trying to get him really good at one thing and go from there. He has enough flexibility to where he can do a few things.

What have you seen out of the defensive tackles?
Those guys have showed up a lot since we started practice. There's four of them there that have consistently showed up. Top Stories