No Bull Chad

CLEMSON - Rarely does Chad Morris hold back during his sit-downs with the media. Wednesday afternoon was no exception.

The second-year offensive coordinator was rather straight-forward in his assessment of Monday's intra-squad stadium scrimmage.

"I thought our tempo was probably as good as it's ever been. We had 104 snaps in what seemed to be very little time," Morris said. "I've been doing this a long time, running this offense -- I don't know if our tempo has ever been as fast as what it is right now, which is great. That's what you want.

"You've still got to execute and be able to run the tempo. We did execute. We did some good things. I'm very intrigued by some of the things I saw out there."

His All-ACC quarterback performed pretty well, too.

Tajh Boyd wasn't perfect in Monday's scrimmage, but his performance was far from poor. (Hale McGranahan)
"I thought Tajh [Boyd], with a few mental mistakes he had, we've got to get him through those. But, for the most part, he had great command of the offense, understanding a lot of things," Morris said. "He's not putting the ball in jeopardy, which is good. He did have a couple of missed assignment on some things he shouldn't have, but we'll get those things right with him."

But there was one glaring issue to take away from the first scrimmage of the spring. The short-yardage problem, which seemingly carried over from last season, "kept rearing its ugly head."

"We had fourth-and-basically six inches down on the goal line and weren't able to get it in. That was very disappointing," Morris said. "That probably left the worst taste in my mouth, in our staff's mouth and the players' mouth, of the whole scrimmage. What good we had done up to that point put a damper on that."

Morris' frustration was compounded because of the emphasis that's been placed on those types of situations.

"That's what we've based our whole offseason on. That's what we've based our whole spring on, taking the ownership in the short-yardage," he said. "We failed, in that regard, from our top bunch. On the other hand, the second group was very successful in short-yardage. That was some promise there."

Cole Stoudt received a majority of the No. 2 snaps during Monday's scrimmage even though he not played very well at any point earlier in the spring.

"That was, by far, the best Cole Stoudt has done this spring. It's a shame that it has taken nine practices to get him to the point where he feels like he's battling for his playing life, basically," Morris said. "Morgan Roberts has done an outstanding job through the first nine practices. It's been a very healthy competition at that backup position.

"I wish we had the competition to push Tajh like we've got the competition to push the two and the three guys. That's something that we've got to eventually get to."

Similar to what Brandon Ford did last year, Stanton Seckinger is cross-training at tight end and wide receiver. Signed as a wide receiver in 2011, Seckinger started the transition before spring practice began.

Seckinger, who currently weighs 205, could play at 225 or 230, according to Morris.

"He's made some great catches. He's made a lot of plays this spring. I'm excited about Stanton," Morris said.

Morris said Seckinger's role could be similar to the one Ford had in 2011.

"He'll come in for some of those roles, just create a mismatch problem with a bigger body with a guy that can run," Morris said. "That's what you're seeing with Stanton. He's made some plays. He's a tough kid."

Giff Timothy is one of the most improved offensive linemen of the spring
For now, the right tackle spot looks appears to be Gifford Timothy's to lose.

"Of all of them up front, he's has come the furthest and been one of the most consistent," Morris said. "That's good for him, but Joe Gore is pushing him.

"I think Joe Gore, athletically, is as good as anybody we've got. It's just him learning the system, staying with it and keep growing and studying the game.

"I think what you're going to see is a healthy competition with those two guys that's just going to battle all the way through fall camp." Top Stories